Attention: Movement Makers!

15 Mar

Attention: Movement Makers!

Before Giving Up On Marketing and Your Dream of Being a Movement Maker….“I’m going to make you an offer you can’t refuse…

Yes, I am sure you’ve heard this before from many Marketing Gurus out there as many of you, I’ve had the privilege of meeting because we bought into those same Marketing messages and were in their “Marketing” groups and circles together…

… but will you trust me just long enough for me to share with you the truth?
 Yes, sadly the truth is a new concept in Marketing, isn’t it?

I’ve fallen time and time again for the “Secret Sauce Marketing Techniques of the so call smooth-talking experts and I’ve spent $100’s to be left busted and disgusted and honestly weary as they dangled just enough in front of me to make me know there was more…of course, there was another price for the next tidbit they were going to share with me.   

However, after feeling like an idiot way too many times, I realized that I never failed as I was doing all I was being taught to do. I also sowed into myself which wasn’t wasted.  Honestly, I realized they were teaching me what they knew…which was probably the same old tired things “Marketing Experts” have been teaching them for years.  

I had to pick myself up, dust myself off and start again because frankly I still had a business to run!   I still had to learn how to market and honestly, I still had to find new customers and make sales because without these two things I didn’t have a business.


I honestly heard from a trusted friend of mine about a little David, who was out on the backside of a mountain in obscurity but suddenly out he came from nowhere and opened up a huge whooping can and slayed the Goliath Marketing Giant!

Now this little David is not so little, as he is now my Coach/Mentor and he’s taking down the Marketing Goliaths in every area with one simple technique… his slingshot of choice is called a CHALLENGE where Pedro Adao, The Challenge Guy, serves up his “Taste and See Marketing” 

Join me and Pedro in his
FREE 5-Day Movement Maker Challenge
Just like little David got the attention of all who was around him by taking off Goliath’s head, so Pedro Adao has caught the attention of many who have been in the online space for years.
 What do you think Tony Robbins, Russell Brunson, Dean Graziosi, Grant Cardone, and Daymond John all have in common?

 Well, besides being the giants of their specific industries, they have all run and continue to run the hottest #1 most effective marketing method working today to massively scale their businesses.

They are running CHALLENGES, and not just any challenge…They are running the new innovative challenge that has taken the Internet by storm…Pedro Adao had been the leader and partner to many showing them how to slay their giants as well!

 And now I want to introduce you to the man behind this new challenge model…
Friends and fellow Entrepreneurs,  meet The Challenge Guy”, Pedro Adao

Pedro Adao, "The Challenge Guy"
Multiple Two Comma Club Winner!

Pedro is the real deal and he has served thousands of entrepreneurs at every stage of their business to achieve success with his modern Challenge Model. 

And now he’s ready to set the table of his “Taste and See Marketing” and serve you by sharing his Challenge framework and what he has learned crushing 47 challenges in a row and has launched not one, but two industry-leading movements…

Join me and Pedro in his
FREE 5-Day Movement Maker Challenge where he is going to break down not only how to start crushing challenges, but how to turn your business into a movement.

 Yes, I Want to Join The Movement Maker Challenge Now!

 While Pedro’s challenge model is being used by elite-level entrepreneurs…what is even more incredible is that Pedro’s Challenge Model has helped hundreds and hundreds of entrepreneurs  just like you and me who are brand new to challenges make an income and impact online…

Louise Taylor is one of these people.

 As a Neuro-strategist and coach – Louise helps high performers to break into their next season, shifting through money, sales, emotional and spiritual barriers.

 What she didn’t know was the breakthrough she would achieve through challenges……and after learning and implementing Pedro’s Challenge Model, in her very first challenge, Louise brought in over 100k!

Case Study for Challenges

The amazing thing is that this is a tested and true method that works and can be repeated over and over again.

 If you are ready to start crushing it with challenges and learn how to apply movement-based marketing in your own business, then join Pedro and me as well as tens of thousands of mission-driven entrepreneurs starting March 22nd, in the Free 5-Day Movement Maker Challenge…

Yes, I Want to Join The Movement Maker Challenge Now!

 This is your personal invitation to join me In this transformational 5 days of live training from Pedro….

 I told you this was an offer you couldn’t refuse…This is the one challenge you do not want to miss this year. Can’t wait to see you on the inside…

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Christine Gilliam Hornback
Wife, Mom, 5 x Bestselling Author, Speaker,
Creator of Inspirational Challenges,  
Certified 100 X Coach, Artist & Instructor, 
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