3 Oct

Good Morning All,

    Freedom is not free!  When I think about freedom

I think of all the sacrifice it took in order for me to

walk in the freedoms I have.  Not only our basic

freedoms that we have as a result of being in the

USA, but in the freedom to live our lives the way we

want to live them.

      No one can force you to live a certain way, it is

all choice.  I believe having choice is the ultimate

form of freedom.  The Lord tells us to choose Life or

Death, Blessing or Cursing… You must choose which

you want to live.   GOD does not choose for you, neither

does he make you choose, but he gives you a suggestion

as to how to choose!  “HELLO!”  Choose LIFE!

  Jesus came to give us not only life but  a life

that is full!  You may ask “A life full of what?”  My

answer is the same as the Lord’s “You choose!”  Choose

Him and life or don’t!  It’s up to you!

   The power of Life and Death are in the tongue, if 

the life you’re living is not an ideal life, change your

conversation and begin to prophesy a new life!  No it

is not simple, it takes descipline and a constant renewing

of your mind to cause you to even began to believe

that you could have a better life.  You have to change

  your own mind about you!  But, practice makes

perfect!  When you put the word of GOD in your mouth

and heart, you align yourself up with what the Lord

wants for you.  You will find that the first thing to change

is your attitude.  When you align yourself up with GOD

you gain such freedom and joy! Whom the Son makes

free is free indeed!

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