Where will you hop to next?

19 May

Where will you hop to next?

Where Will You Hop To Next?

Where will you hop to next? I hope that this post finds all of you well!  The past couple of months many of you have probably had huge adjustments to make, especially if you worked outside of the home, and your children went to public or private schools.  The experience may have you asking where do I turn or “Hop to next?” However, for me, honestly, not a whole lot has changed.  I am a homeschool Mom and an Entrepreneur who runs an online business from my home.   The reason I am writing is that I wanted to possibly help those who might have been forced into the online space, or perhaps you’re like me and have done various online businesses.  Regardless I hope to encourage you and possibly add some valuable lessons I’ve learned that have gained some wisdom.  For the newbies, this may be a lesson that will save you years of wasted time, and for those who have been seeking success as an Entrepreneur, especially online, I hope I can lend some experience to your knowledge and maybe help you as well!

Have you ever been in a cycle where it seems you’ve hopped from one thing to another?  Oh, I’ve learned a lot in those cycles, and you probably have to,  but for some reason, the implementation process never happens or the change never comes that we hope will happen? For many years I felt as though I was in this cycle of just going around the mountain over and over again.  It has only been in the past several years or so that I’ve been making progress, but honestly,  even though I was going slowly before I was still making progress because I was investing in myself.  I wasn’t failing or wasting time! I want you to be encouraged, that you’ve not wasted time either, but that the Lord wants to redeem it!  Let this year which has seemingly knocked things out of sync be a huge part of your success story!

Over the years, when I just felt weary of learning one more thing, I have reached out and tried to find help.   I’ve invested in myself by purchasing several programs from “Online gurus or experts” who were supposed to show me their exact systems on how they made their fortunes and how I could do it too!  Don’t get me wrong, Some were very good, and I’ve learned a lot from them, but never the “Secret Sauce” that I thought I would just magically receive to help me to finally arrive at the peak of my business that I hoped for!  Who’s fault was that their’s or mine? Mine of course!   Do you want to know why they couldn’t show me?  Because I’ve learned there is NO ONE BEST SECRET that fits everybody!  There are many “Secrets”!  When all of  “Your Best Secrets” are implemented and working in unison, successes are achieved at running an online business or any or possibly just being a great Mom, or better person!  Are you ready to know some of my best secrets?  I am holding nothing back these are my best? Here are a few of the “secret steps I’ve learned, I am sure there are many more that you may know yourself or could add:

  1. Always do what is right, not what is easy! I am a firm believer in the Golden Rule, Do on to others as you would have them do onto you.  Serve people well, and you will be treated well, and if not, do it anyway!  Sow the good seeds and you will reap a good harvest!
  2. Procrastion is your enemy! Take your Next Best Step! When?  NOW! Yes, you already know what that is, even though you’ve convinced yourself that you don’t!  James 2:17 King James Version (KJV) 17 Even so faith, if it hath not works, is dead, being alone.
  3. Don’t just be a learner,  but implement what you learn immediately, then celebrate those successes. You may hesitate because you want it to be perfect, but do it NOW and tweak it after it’s done!
  4. Yes, find someone you can be confident in to truly teach you if you lack knowledge or wisdom in an area.  
  5. NOTE: The #1Key in finding a good mentor/ coach is to find someone who will teach you about their mistakes as well as their successes! 
  6. Realize that you must do what you know to do, but that it is okay to get help with what you do not have the skills to do or just truly do not enjoy doing.
  7. The more you can learn how to do your own business by implementing what it needs, the more freedom you will have! If you know how to do something and why you’re doing it, when you need employees, you can hire and train them with exactly what you know you need from them.  It’s a win for both you and your employees!
  8. Finally, always leave people better than you found them! Give them more value than they expected!  

Okay, so above was a list of some of my secrets I’ve learned and have done my best to implement! I’ve seen tremendous growth not only in what I do for business but what I do as a human being!  Because of my own growth,  I did want to share another “Best Secret” with you!  This Secret is about a  mentor/coach that has helped me tremendously because I have found that He and his wife have lived up to what I listed as my  #5’s Secret.  Pedro Adao host 100 X Acceleration which is an amazing Online Community and Resource for Kingdom Entrepreneurs and has been an awesome help to me. Since I have met him and been a part of this amazing and supportive group, in less than a year, my online business, and honestly a lot of my personal life has been transformed forever.

Most of the transformation was simply by participating in Pedro’s Challenges and learning how to do Book Challenges on my own.  Pedro Adao and his beautiful wife are extremely generous and serve from a heart of love. Many of the Challenges Pedro hosts are “Taste and See” He invites people in totally free and feeds them with more value in those few short days than many have ever gotten in year-long courses.  If you want a life-changing experience, with like-minded people and truly where nothing will be held back from you, then you will love the 100 X Acceleration Group!

Accelerate your life and business with 100X Acceleration!

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