I Help Authors Birth Their Babies!

11 Oct

I Help Authors Birth Their Babies!

It is such an honor when someone asks me to help them do their books. Because I myself am an Author, I seriously compare it to birthing a baby, as we carry these things for a long time before they are delivered to the world. I can not help everyone who desires to do a book, but I do the ones that I feel the Lord allows me to be apart of.

I wanted to share this precious book with you my audience because of the story behind it.  This precious lady, now in her Eighties, had gotten her book published before, however, the publisher that published it for her went out of business.  Unfortunately, she couldn’t order any more copies or anything, so the only choice she had was to republish.  However, most of the beautiful graphics, etc. were copyrighted and she really had to start over.  This was where I came in, being honest, and having no idea how long it would take me to complete everything, finally, we hit Publish and her wonderful book “baby” is the result!

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Hello Friends and Family,

I am so excited to announce a wonderful recipe collection just in time for the Holidays:

Family Traditional Favorites A Hug from Me to You, by a precious woman,

Mavis McCain Sapp

Pinteret Darlene's Kindle Cover


I had the honor and privilege of working on Family Traditional Favorites A Hug from Me to You, which is an amazing 174 pg. recipe paperback book filled with 240 time-honored traditional comfort foods and family favorites such as “Nana’s Pot Roast with Sausage” or “Grandma’s Chicken and Dumplings.” However, that’s not all, please don’t let the word “Traditional” fool you into thinking this is just another old-fashion cookbook, absolutely not! Family Traditional Favorites A Hug from Me to You, is a beautifully designed and crafted book filled with amazing images of  generational cooks from different backgrounds and countries who knew not only how to prepare meals for their families, but also the cooks in this book knew how to prepare special dishes for elegant gatherings and parties, especially for the Holidays.

You will love all of the practical hints, and recipe notes and suggestions offered to help you cook your best meals.   As, Ms. Mavis, family members, and dear friends, added their favorites to the recipe pot,  this book came together like one of the comfort food recipes in Mavis McCain Sapp’s book, which will leave you feeling the love and hugs of each of the participants and wanting more!  You will not want to let this beautiful treasured collection pass by without adding it to your recipe/cookbook library and sharing it with those you love!



BY CLICKING ON THE LINK HERE>>>: https://amzn.to/2IEHkTQ


Blessings and Enjoy!

Christine Gilliam Hornback, Author

Owner, Birthing Your Dream Author Services

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