My Secret Garden

15 Mar

I wanted to share my Secret Garden painting with you.  In the Song of Solomon the Lord tells us to arise my beloved  and come away with him for the spring rains have come and the winter has passed.     I often picture him and I walking through a garden that is peaceful and beautiful.   He also says that those who will pray in secret he will reward openly.  So I feel it is important to have a place, a secret place that is all yours to where you can go and be with the Lord.  Sometimes it’s just a place to escape and collect your thoughts, but I have found when I can get quiet then creative ideas, thoughts and even answers to prayer will come.

I have a wonderful big front porch and I live in the country so it is not hard for me to escape.  When the weather is nasty though, I have created a little nook area in my bedroom that has this painting on the wall.  It is actually sort of set up to be my office, so after I put the children to bed, I escape into my little Secret Garden.  I have found it to be so wonderful.  I wanted to especially encourage Mom’s today.  Being a Mom myself, I know that  you need a quiet place to escape to.  I have a friend who took her walk-in closet and made her a secret place. Maybe you do not have that luxury, but  Many women like to light candles and relax in the bath, where ever you choose to go, I encourage you to go often.  Let the Lord refresh you!



One Response to “My Secret Garden”

  1. 101revelation July 4, 2012 at 8:22 pm #

    Hey Girlfriend, I have found my secret place and I want to encourage others to find one. In the secret place you can find peace, joy, and the Love Of God flowing down, around and to you……


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