Dreams are meant to be Dreamed! My Newest Book’s Book Signing

26 Mar

Dreams are meant to be walked out!  But how?  You might ask.  My answer to you is One step at a time…

I heard the joke, how do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time!

Dreams for many of us are like elephants, way too big to fit anywhere in our lives.  Our dreams are usually too big to swallow, too big to hide and shove down and way too big to fulfill on our own.   Isn’t it amazing, though, that they fit perfectly in our imagination and heart.  You can see them in everything you do and they are more real to you than anything else that you know. You desire it more than anything else, but still it seems elusive.  The most unhappy people I’ve met are those who have  decided that their dreams were  just too big and too crazy and so they just gave up on ever fulfilling them.

You know that I found that my craziest dreams, meaning dreams that were as huge as elephants and dreams that seemed to be delusional and impossible were the very dreams that the Lord himself had birthed into my life.  These are the dreams that I know I can’t fulfill on my own.  These are dreams that I know that are not possible unless God  makes provision, sets me up with divine appointments and connections and provides funds for me to do it.  But I have great news for you!  The pictures that I posted with this blog represent one such impossible dream!  I will not go into all of the details about God’s miraculous provision, or how he made divine appointments for me.  You know what I am talking about people want to call it “being at the right place at the right time” or “meeting the right person.” I know when I have holy encounters that were set up divinely.  It wasn’t fate, it was my Heavenly Father providing for me so that I can fulfill my dreams which give him glory and points to his goodness…

Being an author is one such dream that I thought was so huge and impossible for me to obtain, but here I sit with a second book just published with many more finished and ready to go.   I simply took bite at a time and now I have got a good part of an elephant dream swallowed as far as actually writing and getting published.  Going on the adventure of where the books will take me is another elephant and so on and so on, but one bite at a time, one step at a time  with the Lord’s hand leading me, I’m swallowing hard and making great strides!

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