May you have a Resurrection Week!

7 Apr

In order to have a Resurrection, something or someone must die. I know that doesn’t sound like much encouragement, but wait it gets better!  As I suffered what I thought was one defeating death-blow to a huge dream  this week and felt like the wind was knocked out of my sails, my Lord, who is always triumphant came riding in and saved the day!  Jesus is my champion, my hero and my knight and shining armor.  He is the resurrection! Yes and as corny as that sounds all of it is true!

As this week progressed for me with its highs and lows and then highs again,   I thought of professional boxers  and how they will give their opponents huge blows until their challenger hits the mat.  The ref counts 1,2,3, on and on and gets to 9, but all of a sudden the challenger who has been beaten and battered gets back up.  This is Easter weekend, and this is  what had happened between Satan and Jesus 2000 years ago.  Satan threw his best at Jesus as he threw blow after blow  until Jesus hit the mat.  Satan and his hoards rallied and cheered and were certain that Jesus was down for the count, but this time the ref only counted 1, 2, and when 3 came Jesus arose and defeated death and hell, leaving Satan and his hoards cowering in the darkness.  How could I not be anything was hopeful today as this is resurrection week!

Have you ever felt your stomach go up and down in your throat as you ride a rollercoaster.  Well, this has been my kind of week.  Let me explain briefly:   I thought that I had gotten a huge door of opportunity  opened for my latest book.  My marketing person from my publishers had been helping me for some time now in securing a book signing through this particular venue which will remain nameless..A huge family event and venue in Atlanta.    Anyway, YAY!  I was in, then all of a sudden, What?  I was out, the reasons being,  well let me just say ridiculous, then this week I received word that I was back in again.Yay!  I sent the word to my Marketing guy that I was back in again and when he contacted the venue, they told him a big flat  What? “NO, WE ARE SORRY FOR THE CONFUSION, BUT THE APPROVAL WAS SENT BY MISTAKE, YOUR AUTHOR IS STILL OUT!”  So needless to say, I was happy, disappointed, happy again, and then well just when I should have been disappointed again JESUS, my Hero came riding in and saved the day.  You’re probably asking “You mean your back in again to this big huge venue?”  My answer is NO, but instead Jesus opened another door that I would have never even imagined to walk through!  This door is one of those “crazy kinda doors!”  if you know what I mean. A door that I absolutely know  that GOD himself flung open just to pick up his little girl off of the mat and encourage her that I may not have won the challenge in one area, but just as the enemy was going to triumph over me and count me out, the Lord took my hand and raised me up victorious once again off of the mat!  I’ve truly had a resurrection week!

I encourage you when the circumstances look like they are gonna take you out, and if you have been left lying on the mat, the Lord is there extending his hand to you to raise you up.   The scripture says  in Proverbs 24:16 For a righteous man may fall seven times And rise again, But the wicked shall fall by calamity.  I encourage you get back up, you’re not defeated unless you choose to stay down, get back up!

May you have a resurrection week!

One Response to “May you have a Resurrection Week!”

  1. underhiswings6 April 7, 2012 at 4:14 pm #

    My journal says on the front, ” God will always open another door for you.” He had remided me this week of a story I heard about Kathryn Kullman. I believe the story went like this. She said she asked the Lord why he chose her and not a man. He told her her he asked 7 men before her and she was the first to say yes. Go will always find someone who will hear and obey. He wil always open another door. Great encouragement and confirmation this morning Chris. Love you.


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