Prayer and Fasting the Power Twins!

7 May

Today, I was thinking, pondering in my heart about life in general.  It’s not news to anyone that the things in life worth having are the things you will really work hard to get and to keep.  I was thinking about people I know who seem to struggle all of the time and still it’s like they never get to where they want to go. I use to be like them.   I am not where I want to go, but thanks to the Lord I am not where I was and have made some progress!

We all have issues in our lives that we either use as anchors to hold us back or we use them as sails to drive our boat.  I think of the scripture  that tells about a certain woman with an issue of blood.  The scripture states that she had issues for many years and that she spent all that she had by seeking help from physician after physician but was none better.  Do you feel sometimes like you’ve exhausted all of the natural strength or resource that you have trying to get somewhere and still you’re none better.  Well, my answer  to you is the same as the woman’s answer.  You can do nothing apart from Jesus!  There was an anointing that the Lord had to heal her issues and He is the same yesterday and today and forever.  He also has an anointing to heal your issues.

I have found in my own life that my issues were not necessarily something that I knew about at first.  All I knew was that when I would try to succeed, it was like I would hit this wall that I didn’t know how to get over or get through. I would then feel defeated and question Was this how it was going to be the rest of my life?  I finally found an answer that helped me to tear down the first wall and then the second and so on. The key for me was prayer and fasting.  When you do not know what your issues even are, how can you overcome them?  Or maybe you know exactly what your issues are but still you have them and can’t seem to get free. May I suggest prayer and fasting, the power twins!  Prayer and fasting is not getting GOD to move on your behalf, no, it’s moving you to a place where you can actually believe the Lord to help you deal with the issues in your life.  I must give you fair warning!!!! If you are sincerely seeking the Lord and you began praying and fasting, specifically to know the issues that are preventing you from going forward, what He might show you may not be something that you expected to see at all.  He may show you the good, bad and ugly in order to help you see all of the issues, but if you truly want to be free, you must come humbly to him and recognize that He is your source of all life and that TRUE success can only be found in him! You must realize as well that if he shows you something that is ugly in your life that He can take the ugliest of circumstances and make something beautiful out of them!

The Lord told the disciples that prayer and fasting would help their unbelief!  Sometimes, we talk a good religious conversation, and we put on our religious face but we do not really believe what we are saying.  I was always good as having faith for others, but when it came to my own issues, somehow I thought mine were beyond GOD’s answer!  How much in pride I was! After many years of having issues, spending natural resource and energy, and simply feeling like I was accomplishing nothing but spinning my wheels, I too,like the woman with the issue, had  to press in to touch Jesus.  I have since realized that everything good comes by pressing in to him!  Why must we always press?  He is not withholding it from you, but you have a real enemy that wants you to stay bound with issues and blinded so that you will never accomplish the purpose that the Lord has created you for.

The scripture says that the heavens suffer violence and that it is the violent who take it by force.  The greatest force you can use is simply humbling yourself to an Almighty GOD by prayer and fasting and coming to the realization that you can’t do this thing on your own!  I had to learn to press in, so my friend I encourage you to press as well, even though like the woman who had the issue, the crowd around  says “that you shouldn’t touch Jesus” or  “it doesn’t take all that,” press through the crowd and touch the one who can truly heal you and help you.  If you want to live successfully, the scripture says that it is HE who gives you the power to get wealth, it is He who teaches you how to prosper.  He is our answer for any issue, nothing is too great for him for he desires you to succeed more than even you do.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11

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