A Light in the Darkness

13 May

I have an art exhibit coming up toward the end of this month and a book signing for my latest book Caleb’s Cereal. It’s has me thinking about the GOD of the Universe! Yes Big subject! God was very creative as he created the heavens and flung the stars into place! The moon and the sun never cease to obey his word for they are right where he put them! Don’t you wish sometimes that we could be so obedient! I am sure the stars, moon and sun didn’t question the Lord and ask, “well why do I get stuck way up here or why couldn’t you have put me over there?” But yet we as his own children question the Lord all of the time as to why he’s got us where we are, or how come he’s allowed us to end up where we are, or why couldn’t we have been born there instead of here blah blah blah! The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord and he delighth in his way! I need to delight more and be more contented and then maybe I wouldn’t question as much! It all comes down to control and trust. There is a Christian song out now that simply states “I raise my white flag, I surrender all to you!” But do we? I am truly learning how to, and unforntunately circumstances will come up in order for me to make the choice to surrender or not!

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