Get off of the Dead Horse!

24 May

Have you ever just came to the end of something and instead of letting it go, you chose to hold on. It’s like trying to ride a dead horse, you can climb aboard it, but it will not move, you can get a bigger whip, kick it gently in the flanks, pull harder on the reins, but still the horse is not going to move because it is DEAD!!! Well, when the Lord wants you to release something to him it is because he wants to move you on to something new, something Alive and better. But you may say “I love what I am doing or I love what I have right now! Why would the Lord ask me to give it up?” The answer is simple, because he always has better!

As a parent there is nothing too good for my children. I always want what is best for them! I do not want them to settle for just good, when they can have great…Well neither does our Heavenly Father want us to settle. He always has our best interest at heart. He does not hap hazardly make decisions for us. He always has a plan. So…I said all of that to share a little about myself. I have been in women’s ministry for about 15 years. I will always be in women’s ministry because frankly I am a woman! I, however, do not have to be in a lead position in my church in order to go forward and thus I feel like I was released from the leadership role. My Pastor of course was gracious and shared with our congregation about the transition that the Lord has me in. He said he felt because I let go, that the Lord would move me forward! I also know that because he is a great Pastor that I will have a prayer covering that will go with me as I am out doing what the Lord would have me to do.

In my heart of hearts, I knew that it was time to move forward, but in order to go forward, I had to let go of something that was good! I wanted to do it out of obedience and not “try to ride a dead horse!” So, I obeyed and all I can say is WOW! The Lord is so faithful. He has opened up doors even this week that are so awesome that it cannot be a coincidence! Doors are swinging open and I am so grateful that I know His leading. As I walk through the doors into the new and unfamiliar, I am excited!

I want to encourage you that if you are holding tightly onto a ministry or something in your life, surrender it to the Lord! Yes he may ask you to give it to him, but if you’re meant to continue it he will add to you, and if he wants you to release it completely, then he has a better plan! Many of you know that you’re trying to ride a dead horse, but you fear what will happen to you if you get off of it. Put yourself, your dreams, your desires in the Lord’s hands and let him guide your steps! The Lord adds blessing without sorrow! Start riding out your new adventure on a horse that is alive!

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