Summer with my Guys!

1 Jun

Yay! We have finished Homeschool for the year and will start back in September. My boys ages 11 and 8 are thrilled to say the least and frankly so is their mother. My oldest son had to have his standardized testing this week which required for homeschool. We believe he did very well on it, so he is ready too run and romp the summer away! My youngest son is so….ready to run, but unfortunately he can’t at the moment as he is sporting a dark blue cast from his foot to his thigh. He is looking forward to next week as we are hopeful that he will get it off. Then, of course we can get in some much needed pool time!!!

If you are a Mom, you know that time flies by with our children. I am like a sponge, I want to soak up all the time with them that I can get. They are growing up entirely too fast on me. I am not Ms. organization anyway, but I find that I let go a lot of what most would deem so important! If you come to my house, you might find a sink full of dirty dishes, a clothes basket full of dirty clothes or even the forbidden homemakers sin, I may have even left my bed unmade. OH MY! You wouldn’t find this everyday but you might find it more often these days. My point being, that when my boys are grown and look back at their time at home, I hope what they will see and remember is that their Mom wasn’t just a lazy person who didn’t do all of her house work perfectly, but rather, that Mom let things go just to spend time with them! That she made time with them and made it more important than always being the perfect housekeeper. I love being a homemaker, but honestly I love the title of Mom so much better. So, I’m going to take the risk of having to rinse off a fork or two for them to eat with, or dig in the bottom of their dresser drawer for socks just so that I can soak up our summer together!

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