Treasure on the Inside!

5 Nov

Treasure on the Inside!

Nativity window

I know that sometimes changing things up a bit is not always easy for people to accept, however I feel that it is change that makes life so interesting! Because I feel this way, for this week’s blog and with Thanksgiving and Christmas being right around the corner, I decided to post something a little different!  I hope that you will enjoy it!  Yeah, well I could already hear in my hearing someone stating that “Thanksgiving has not come yet, and here is this lady writing about Christmas!”  I know that this post is about Christmas, but it is really not just about Christmas, but it is about every season in our lives!  If you read my blog last week, then you know that I wrote of Thanksgiving!   Also I decided to post my Nativity picture because it represented some of the change that I so frequently blog about.  The painting is an old antique window that I painted a few years back. It might not be that great, but it was a time of stretching or change for me.  I had never attempted to paint faces before and because of that I am pleased with it!


Treasure on the Inside!

To look on my outward appearance

You may not be impressed,

There may not be much beauty, poise,

or gracefulness.

But take another look, please, look

deep and look wide,

For what I may lack on the outward

is hidden treasure  inside.


No longer hidden though

is my greatest heart’s desire,

I want to live from the inside

out for others to admire.

For inside this vessel a living treasure

Not acquired by myself,

But hidden on the inside is a kingdom

of infinite wealth!


A priestly King from Heaven, a Holy seed

Born through virgin loins,

To demonstrate the Father’s love

That many children could be born.

A holy child given unto the world on a starry Christmas night

Hark the herald angels sing praise in abiding shepherd’s hearing

A Heavenly Father’s greatest present freely was in sight

A celebration in my heart as I counted his gift so endearing


I accepted his sacrifice of the punishment meant for me

A kingdom that was purchased not with sweat on brawl

Jesus now my savior that was hung upon a tree

By the shedding of Holy blood no other was endowed.

The Father’s holy gift is still being offered in each and every season

As a precious treasure for all to freely accept and to receive

His heart was to love you; His gift is for this reason

His invitation to be a member of his family for those who will simply believe!



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