Part 7 If Oak Trees Could Talk

2 Jul

Part 7 If Oak Trees Could Talk!

Hello Again Friends!  I love considering all of you  that take the time to listen or read my blogs as friends because I appreciate that you take your time each week to visit my site or to “tune in” to my videos!

Friends give of their time generously and I hope that I am giving you something special as well as I spend time doing these video blogs each week!  It is my hope that you are enjoying the story of If Oak Trees Could Talk!  I hope that you have pulled up a comfy chair and have you a coffee or tea in hand as we once again read If Oak Trees Could Talk!“>

Today we will pick up and read the rest of Chapter 3 Henry’s Homework and begin in Chapter 4 Daddy’s Little Girl.

Now Henry was never what one would call religious,  however when you are in such darkness as Henry had been in, he realized that he needed help outside of himself to come out of the darkness.  He never questioned if there was a God, for his mother shared God with him at a very early age.  He always thought it strange that of all the memories that were lost to him that the ones his Momma shared with him about God had never left either.   And then there was his sweet Helen who was a strong believer in God and always told Henry that only God could help him now.  He never questioned God as to why he was in the darkness for he knew he had not lived a perfect life, however he did finally come to God and realize that God was the light in the darkness.  He never blamed God for what had happened to him.  Instead as Henry began to talk with God, he came to know Him and knew that God was with him.    When the memories of the old Oak tree started coming together to make sense, Henry somehow knew that God was using his old friend to bring back what he had lost over the past few months.  The fact that God was using a tree to help Henry might have seemed strange again to other people, but not to Henry.   After all, Henry reasoned, if God used a tree to save the whole world, then why couldn’t he use another tree to help save him?

Henry found himself frantically writing down the memories as they came, but his stiff hands were cramping under the pressure that he demanded of them.  Laboring, Henry had several full pages that he had accomplished.   They held precious memories that Henry refused to lose again.  He determined to read them over and over until they were permanently fixed and in the right time and place in his life.  It was as though he was learning a new language.  He spoke out the words aloud so that he could hear his own voice speak them.  Finally, when Henry felt confident that he had them in place, he opened a drawer in a small bedside table and placed his treasures inside.

Chapter 4

Daddy’s Little Girl!

“Mr. Tyler, your daughter is here to see you. Are you awake, Mr. Tyler?”   Nurse Wanda called to Henry as she raised his window shades to let the warm sunny rays shine into his room.  “Come on Sleepyhead, time to rise and shine!” The nurse continued.

“Hello Daddy, it’s me, Amelia. Do you know who I am today?”  Amelia questioned cautiously.

Amelia remembered the last time she had visited her dad. He became so disoriented that she had to leave because she couldn’t stand to see him in such a state.  Henry thought that she was her mother, Helen, which he often thought.   When Amelia could not answer a question that Henry asked her about when he and her mother had met, Henry became silent and either refused to talk or couldn’t talk with her any longer.  Amelia was heartbroken to see her Daddy in such a state.

Amelia was Henry and Helen’s only child. She indeed favored her mother.  She was breathtakingly beautiful, just like her mother Helen was at her age. Amelia had smooth ivory skin and luscious rich long blonde hair.  Her brilliant blue eyes had a glint that danced when she smiled.  Yes, she looked just like Helen, the one and only true love of her father.

Henry and Helen didn’t hold anything back when it came to Amelia.  She had everything that her heart desired, but yet she grew up with great values of what was important and what wasn’t.  Every day of Amelia’s life she saw what real love looked like. Her parents were passionately in love, even after many years of marriage.  They acted as though they were still teenagers.  They laughed with one another and held one another’s hands constantly. They were always tenderly touching one another, whether it was Helen patting Henry’s hand or Henry gently pushing Helen’s beautiful long hair away from her face.   As Amelia watched her parents she would often find herself smiling, shaking her head and desperately hoping that she could find love like that someday.

Again it has been my joy to bring my latest Romance/Suspense Novel  If Oak Trees Could Talk to you!  I appreciate all of the positive feedback that I’ve gotten and would love to hear from you.  Please Subscribe to my Youtube Videos so as not to miss any of the videos from week to week.  You can also comment in the comments section below them!  Until next week, thank you for “tuning in” or reading along with me this week! 

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