Guest 3 What I Would Advise My Younger Self

12 Aug

Guest 3-  Advise I Would Give My Younger Self?

I have asked a few of my author friends to be my guest over the next few weeks as they are exceptional friends and Inspirational writers! The authors I have chosen have published books or are in process of publishing their own books.

Please enjoy my Guest Authors as they candidly and openly share a glimpse into their lives. It is my hope that you will be inspired to visit their sites and check out their work!

The theme of the guest blogs:

What Would I Advise My Younger Self?

May I introduce you to one of my close friends and fellow blogger and Author:

 Joyce Beaver!


What would I tell my younger self now that I have reached the ripe old age of sixty seven?

I have been doing a lot of thinking about this question and recently I sat down and wrote my younger self this letter:


I would like for you to understand at an early age, what I have learned running the race to old age. Taking the time to stop and grow in wisdom is more important then going to a party, dancing the night away with your friends at the canteen, or even spending days whining over a boyfriend you wished you had. There is a life called the abundant life that is really what you need and desire over the trivial things of your teen years or even that horrific age between teen and middle age. You think you are going to live forever, and nothing could be as bad as not getting to go to the prom, or on a date with Mr. Right. How can you live another day without that special pair of shoes and pocketbook to match your new name brand dress? Your ratings at the school dance, having your nails and hair in perfect order, and smoking your first joint is not that life altering, life shattering event you make it out to be. All that anger at your parents, fighting with your brother and sisters and ‘having your own way’ isn’t the end of the world.


Child, there is an abundant life that will shake your world and give you more happiness than you can conger up on your own. There is a place in this abundant life where you will be on a high that is actually higher than any drug can take you, or any drink can fill you. There is a man who can love you deeper, fuller and better than any man on the face of the earth and he will never disappoint you, call you anything other than his princess, supply all your needs and take you to places you cannot even imagine. He will never disappoint you, will deliver you from destruction and death, fill you with a Spirit of joy, love, strength you cannot even imagine.


I would like to advise you, younger self, to take the time to read the instruction book, find this joy and safe haven before you graduate from high school and hold on tight as He takes you on the adventure of your life. When you reach that time in your life where you can retire, look back, I can tell you the truth, you won’t feel like you lived a life of failure, a life of lost dreams, a life of wishing it could have been different. Don’t wait, Child, seek first that higher kingdom in your youth, and your white hair in the future will mean a lot more to you as you lay down and finally retire from this world. If you miss the Truth, you will miss the way and the abundant life and your entire life will have been wasted.


Look with open eyed vision and wake up now, so when you sleep in the end of days, you will have lived abundantly in the arms of the One who loves you unconditionally. Your future… it actually begins today. Love from your older self.


P.S. His name is Jesus and He died for you so you can have all he came to give you. That is life eternal, pressed down and running over.



Please Check out Joyce Beaver’s many books and writings either on her blog site, facebook page, or Author Page!

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