Guest 4~ What I Would Advise My Younger Self!

19 Aug

Guest 4 What I Would Advise My Younger Self!

I have asked a few of my author friends to be my guest over the past few weeks as they are exceptional friends and Inspirational writers! I hope that you have enjoyed there wonderful post!

The authors I have chosen have several published books or works to their credit or are in process of publishing their own books.

Please enjoy my Guest Authors as they candidly and openly share a glimpse into their lives. It is my hope that you will be inspired to visit their sites and check out their work!

The theme of the guest blogs:

What I Would Advise My Younger Self!

May I introduce you to my friend and a wonderful author:

Dolores Ayotte!

“Advice I Would Give My Younger Self!”

When Christine first approached me about being a guest writer on her blog site I was very honored. She mentioned that she “would like to have several strong women authors to guest blog”. To say the least, the fact that she considered me to be one of these authors meant a great deal to me as I truly admire Christine in much the same light.

“Advice I Would Give My Younger Self!” is a very broad topic and after penning several inspirational books about my efforts to overcome depression, I decided to keep this article on a lighter note. A few weeks ago, my husband and I were blessed with the birth of our tenth grandchild. A lovely grandson, born almost two weeks overdue, entered into our lives. With three little sisters at home and the oldest being only five, of course, we have been called upon to help out just as we have done in the past with all our other grandchildren.


Every time, I have the opportunity to hold a precious grandchild in my arms, I am reminded of the birth of my own children, their mothers. Our first daughter was just over two years old when we were blessed with the unexpected arrival of her twin sisters. Yes…it is true. We had no idea that we were having twins until the day I went into labor. My husband worked full time and was studying to be an Accountant when the miraculous event took place. Needless to say, we were a very busy young married couple with a whole lot of responsibility. With no family nearby to share the load, it was frequently overwhelming and extremely tiring.

Now I see how busy our daughters are with their young families and it reminds me of our earlier years. Every chance I get, I hold these precious grandchildren in my arms and rock them to sleep whenever possible. I hardly had a moment to do this when my children were young because I was so busy just keeping my head above water with all the energy it takes to raise a family and run a household. I wish I would have had more time to just hold my babies. Now I’m making up for it.

Therefore, the “advice I would give my younger self” is to breathe in every special moment while you are raising a family as life flies by so fast. Embrace this special, albeit demanding time, and just cherish your young children. Before you know it, this phase of your life will be over. Now in retirement, I am so blessed to have the time to hold/rock my grandbabies and every time I do I am reminded of God’s generosity and the gift of life. One of the wonderful blessings of having children is being given the opportunity to embrace and cherish new life in the love you have for your grandchildren. I have been blessed with a second chance…



Dolores holds a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in psychology as well as teacher certification in Manitoba, Canada. She has taken courses in human relations and communication.   Although, her primary focus has always been that of wife, mother and now grandmother, she has held a variety of jobs. Dolores started off her working years as a cashier when she was in high school.

Upon completion of the Education 1A program at the University of Manitoba, she became a primary school teacher. During her teaching career Dolores furthered her education by completing her Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in psychology from the University of Winnipeg.

After leaving her teaching career, she became a bank employee for a major financial institution for a number of years. She enjoyed each of these jobs and how they enhanced her life. In her earlier years, she volunteered her time by teaching Christian education, tutoring, working in the school library, and belonging to the ladies church group.

On moving to Pine Falls, Manitoba due to her husband’s career change, Dolores spent time singing in the church choir, teaching Christian education, assisting at Wings of Power, as well as working on the women’s auxiliary at a local hospital. She also served on the Hospital Foundation Board.

She is now retired and spends half the year with her husband in a retirement community in Arizona. For the remainder of the year, Dolores enjoys her children and grandchildren in Winnipeg, Manitoba where she was born and raised. She continues to learn from all the people who touch her life. She has every intention to continue writing.


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3 Responses to “Guest 4~ What I Would Advise My Younger Self!”

  1. Dolores Ayotte August 19, 2015 at 2:56 pm #

    Thank you Christine for featuring me as a guest author. I am truly honored.
    God bless!


    • authorartistmomof2 August 20, 2015 at 4:01 am #

      I count it an awesome privilege and a blessing that you were able to do it! Thank you so much!



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