5 Steps to Birthing your Dream

17 Jul

Excited to announce my Upcoming book 5 Steps to Birthing a Dream!  This book was a long time coming but determination will take you a long way!  Women, you don’t want to miss this  book.  If you’ve ever dreamed a dream that you never have seen come true, this book is for you!  This book will take you from a place of brokenness to a place of breakthrough

It will be available in a few weeks, but until it’s ready to put into your hands, please accept my free gift of my Ebook,   Tell the Enemy to Scat!  The free gift  is simply evidence of a twenty year long dream that did come true!

Let  me Encourage you…please….just don’t give up.  If you’re not seeing your dreams come the way that you wanted them to, maybe you can try a different approach!  Maybe, you just need a different plan not a different dream!  Too many times we get it in our minds that things have to work out exactly like this….but what if it won’t or doesn’t?  Do you give up on the dream altogether, or do you realize that you must come up with new options and strategies?   Would love to hear from you!

 Steps to Birthing Your Dream

A Spiritual Midwife’s Manual! IMAGECOVER1 - Copy

5 Steps to Birthing Your Dream!

A Spiritual Midwife’s Manual

Do you have a passion to see your dreams fulfilled?  If not, do you remember when you left your passion to pursue other things?  Do you need a spiritual midwife to help you give birth to your dreams? Are you expecting your dreams to be fulfilled?  Christine offers you a Step by Step guide to help you go from a place of barrenness to breakthrough! However, Christine gives a big red Warning!

“Birthing, although the most natural and beautiful thing God gave women to do, is not a pretty little job whether in the natural or spiritual,  No Mam, it is a dirty, messy job!  It requires you to pull strength out of a place that you never even imagined you had.  It also means that you will sweat and wrestle within and without to get relieved of the thing that you longed to see and hold more than anything just hours before labor.  It is a process where there is no turning back baby!  You will give birth to that “Holy thing”!  After you deliver, Oh my, how your whole entire world is rocked forever.

Please click here to get your free gift!


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