Part 48 If Oak Trees Could Talk

28 Jul

Part 48 If Oak Trees Could Talk! 

Have you ever had one of those rewarding moments where all of your hard work on a project is seemingly beginning to pay off? Well, Thank God, I am having one of those moments.  I’ve gotten some great news about my latest book that I’ve been working on.  The results of the rewards are not quite known yet as I have gotten an open invitation to do something that I’ve only dreamed to do, but my expectations are high!  Honestly, I am so humbled by what the Lord is doing already with my new book, 5 Steps to Birthing a Dream A Spiritual Midwife’s Manual which will be available in a few weeks, that I am blown away!

 I wanted to thank all of you who voted for my new cover!  If you haven’t voted yet please CLICK HERE ,  and vote, as there is still a short amount of  time. Your reward will be a  FREE Download of my latest book on Kindle for helping me out!  I must stress however, please fill out the information so that I know that you have voted.  I have to your information so that I can notify you of the winning cover and when your book will be available! If you do not fill it out, then I can’t send it to you! 

In the meantime, however,I want to get on with the Video Blog of book at hand, for If Oak Trees Could Talk! . This has been one of my dearest stories!  Unconditional love is the key, my dear friends, to all long and endearing relationships!  In this Romance/Suspense Novel If Oak Trees Could Talk! I hope that I have painted a picture with my words that displays this kind of love in Helen’s and Henry’s love for one another!

We will pick back up in Chapter 21 The Final Plans

Amelia left and immediately drove to see Mr. Howard, the lawyer of her parents. Mr. Howard had been a longtime friend to her family and had handled every legal issue that they ever had.   She presented him with everything that had happened at Glenview. She told him everything that she suspected and what Mr. Hodges and Sheriff Eugene threatened her with if she didn’t bring her parents back. Amelia also handed him all of the paperwork that she had received when her parents were signed in and were admitted to Glenview. Lastly she handed him the new pills that Henry was given and told Mr. Howard that suddenly he had a diagnosis of having severe allergies on his chart.   He looked Amelia straight in the eye as she gave him the pills.  He then looked over the paperwork thoroughly that she handed to him.

“Well let me put your mind at ease Ms. Amelia, I have wonderful news.  “Mr. Hodges at Glenview has nothing to stand on. Ms. Amelia, you acted as your parents’ power of attorney while they were ill which they gave you legal right to do.  You freely signed them in and you can check them out anytime you desire to do so. Mr. Hodges knows this and he is facing terroristic threats in my professional opinion and that Sheriff want to be Eugene is using his office of authority illegally. There is not one thing Mr. Hodges can do about your parents legally, if you chose to walk your parents out this very second. Your dear parents have their medical insurance and Veterans’ health care benefits that Glenview recognizes so there shouldn’t be an issue with remaining or outstanding expenses. I think we need to get to the bottom of what’s really going on with Mr. Hodges at Glenview.  I will do it very discretely of course, but I am going to make a few phone calls.  Did you say that Mr. Henderson at the Times had some information about Mr. Hodges?   I think I should have me a little conversation with Mr. Henderson first.  I will get back to you.  Will you be home this evening.

            “Yes Sir, as a matter of fact, Mr. Henderson and Nurse Applegate are supposed to be at my house this evening.  Why don’t you just join us, Mr. Howard?  

            “Well little lady, don’t mind if I do, kill two birds with one stone as they say”

            “Thank you Mr. Howard, You’re welcome to come around seven thirty this evening then.”  Amelia said as she breathed a deep breath and left Mr. Howard’s office. 

            After Amelia had left, Helen and Henry decided to take her up on her suggestion.            “Let’s get out of this room!”  Helen suggested.  She was hoping to sway Henry from doing anything crazy.   “They probably have some kind of activities going on in the activity center.  We probably have a lot of friends down there that would be glad to see that we are doing so well!”  Helen convinced.  “It will help us past the time while we wait on Amelia to do what she needs to and we get out of this place!” 

            Henry nodded yes in agreement.  He held the door for Helen as they headed down the hallway to find the activity room.    They walked to the nurse’s station to ask for directions to the activity room when they turned around they ran right into Mr. Hodges.

            “And where do you two think you are going?”  He asked rather rudely.

            “We just thought that we would go work a puzzle or do some kind of activity in the activity room!”  Helen spoke up rather quickly.  Henry just looked down at the floor, rung his hands and mumbled so low that he could barely be heard.  He then mumbled a little louder and Helen and Mr. Hodges could hear the word Ghost.

            “Very well, it’s right around the corner.”  Mr. Hodges said as he looked at Henry in total disgust.  “How are your severe allergies?” Mr. Hodges asked extremely loud so it gained the attention of all that were in the lobby.                   

            Henry offered no response one way or the other as he wanted Mr. Hodges to think that he must still be very ill or drugged up because of the severe allergy medication! They moved on and soon found the room.  When inside the residents that were able and that knew the Tyler’s stood up and cheered them!  They admired them for escaping and trying to gain their lives back, for each of them wished they could do the same  When Henry and Helen scoped the room they seen many of their friends and family that had fallen to sickness or just came to Glenview to live so they would have assistance and not be alone.  It was hard to fathom for Henry and Helen that someone would actually choose to live in a place like this, however Henry could have compassion on them for he was alone without his Helen and knew how difficult loneliness was.  Henry really wanted to socialize but to keep up the pretense that he was still not well, he couldn’t really be himself. Normally Henry and Helen were the social butterflies at any party.  They brought their exuberant zeal for life wherever they went.  It attracted people to them because they longed to have what they saw in the Tyler’s lives.

            They found a place and fit right in with the others who were playing various games, crocheting, knitting, puzzles, piano playing!  It was actually like a party and Helen and Henry were glad they came.  They needed activity in their lives, for Helen could not sit in that room any longer regardless of how nice it was. 

            Because Henry couldn’t really be himself, he whispered to Helen “I will be right back!”  He stepped out into the hall and went toward the cafeteria as he could see its big double doors in plain sight. Just for a second, Henry felt lost.  He forgot why he stepped out of the room.  As he walked toward the doors, he heard voices coming toward him. He panicked.   He seen the red sign that read Stairs on the door, he quickly dove in.  He listened outside the door as his heart pounded wildly.   It was Sheriff Eugene and Mr. Hodges.  “Come to my office around eight o’clock or eight-thirty tonight Mr. Hodges told Eugene.  We have to end this one!” Mr. Hodges said in a hateful determined voice.

            “Yes Sir, I’ll meet you there!”  Sheriff Eugene said as if he were a little child taking orders.

            “Henry whispered, “Okay, I understand now.  He had perfect timing. This could be it!  The Ghost will do his thing and be at the enemy’s camp to hear what they plan.  This will be just like the missions that I have done in the service!” 

            When Mr. Hodges and Sheriff Eugene left the hallway, they continued to walk into the cafeteria.  Henry rushed out of the stairwell door and practically ran to get back into the activity center so that if Mr. Hodges went by and peeked in, he would be none the wiser to what Henry was up to.  Henry felt an exhilaration running through him.  It was pure adrenalin.   How was he going to calm himself until it was time for the Ghost to be loosed was the challenge. 

Thank you once again for “tuning in” or reading along with me!  It is my hope that you have been enjoying my Romance/Suspense novel, If Oak Trees Could Talk, for it has been my pleasure to share it with you!  As always I would love to hear from you.  I want to thank all of you that have begun following my WordPress blogs.  Please continue to “tune it” as we are moving right along through the book.

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