A Whirl Wind!

8 Sep

A Whirl Wind!

Well it’s been awhile since I’ve just sit down to do a regular blog post!  After the Whirl Wind month of August where I finished up my Video Blogging of my Romance/Suspense Novel If Oak Trees Could Talk, I also became a  #1 Amazon Bestselling Author of my new book 5 Steps to Birthing Your Dreams A Spiritual Midwife’s Manual.  Honestly, I’ve been on a pretty amazing high as I am still riding on Top 100 Amazon New Releases

I remember the first blog that I ever posted which was six years ago now!  Wow, the old saying “time flies when you’re having fun” is so true.  I was so unsure if I really had anything to say, but once I began writing, it would flow out of me each week, sometimes two or even three post a week! No one could possibly know that I spent many hours journaling and dreaming about a life that I hoped to someday have. So why am I looking back?   I am looking back because even though I am enjoying a level of success at this moment with my writing, I remember that I spent many years when I wasn’t for sure if anyone was even interested in what I had to say through my writings.  I would write with no reaction whatsoever.  However, do you know what I learned, when everyone and everything was quiet, I learned that I have passion, tenacity and just plain old determination. I also learned that as I spent time with the Lord, that He would fill my heart with such hope of a great future!  As I continued to write, I found that I had plenty to say, and eventually people began to listen and be encouraged!

My goal in all of these years has not changed, in all my writings, whether it be blogs, newsletters, or books, my goal is to always encourage those who read to never, never give up on your dreams!  It may be taking longer than you thought it would, but be encouraged.  God is a redeemer of all time.  Just know that nothing is a waste of time or energy.  If you tried something and it failed, learn from it and move on and try it a different way!  Just don’t quit! Don’t wallow in self-pity because you feel like a failure, nope, get up and try again!  One day you will look back and realize Wow, Look how far I’ve really come!

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