Moving Forward or Staying Stuck?

3 Feb

Moving Forward or Staying Stuck?


Are you moving forward or are you stuck?  For many I’ve talked with, their answer to me has been that they are stuck.  For whatever reason, life hit them out of nowhere it seems and they have become immobile.

I do not pretend to know the answer to everybody’s woes, but the only advice I try to help with is this:  If you keep doing the same thing over and over again, you are going to get the same results!

When someone is stuck, it requires a change of some kind to move.  For instance I live in Georgia where we have Georgia red clay.  This clay when wet is so slick that if you accidently get into it, unless someone comes and pushes or pulls you out, you can forget about getting unstuck!   If you try to get out yourself, you will spin and spin. The clay causes you to bury down deeper and even more stuck.  This is how many live their lives.  They just spin their tires hoping to get out of the place or situation that they are in, when in reality the spinning is just causing them to bury down deeper and become even more stuck.  You may be using a lot of energy but you’re not getting anywhere.

What is the solution you may ask?

My number one suggestion that I would offer to you is that you must change your mind!  Again you cannot think things are going to change if you don’t! I know for many this is why you are stuck.  You have a difficult time making decisions.  However, if you choose not to make a decision, really you have!  You’ve decided to stay stuck!

Even a baby knows that when it takes its first step that it has to turn loose of whatever it thinks was keeping it balanced.  May I suggest that in order for you to take a first step forward that you too will have to let go of whatever you think is propping you up.  When the baby takes its first steps it is wobbly and may even topple over a few times, but babies do not give up.  They just climb right back up and try again!  Again, may I suggest that if you’ve tried to move and fell down, that you get right back up, get your balance, and try again.  It may take you a few times, but I know that you can do it!


Christine Gilliam Hornback is a wife of 36 years and a Mom to two young sons. She is a home school Mom, a # 1 Bestselling Author, Artist, Art Instructor and an Inspirational Speaker as well as a Spiritual Midwife/Coach!  Christine is a blogger, and a weekly contributor to Lakeview Times.

Christine Gilliam Hornback has six books published which includes her #1 Bestseller.

5 Steps to Birthing Your Dream A Spiritual Midwife’s Manual


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