Attitude Adjustments, Do you React or Respond?

30 Mar

Attitude Adjustments, Do you React or Respond?

Glass half empty or full

I am a firm believer that the kind of life we live depends solely on our attitude.  Please don’t roll those eyes…Yes, this is another blog post talking about your attitudes, but also mine.   Many people are “the glass is half empty” types of people, whereas I am one of the “the glass is half full” types.  Unfortunately, I tend to grate on the last nerve of those half empty types, but really the only difference between me and them is my attitude, right?

I think the differences between the two types of people I mentioned above, is mainly our attitudes toward life.  Our attitude has to do with how we do life in general.  For instance, when unexpected things hit our lives, do we respond to them, or to we react?  I want to describe the difference between a person who lives in response to life, and those who may live in reaction to life.   Please note this is not to say one type is better than the other…my point in it all is simply attitude!   We are never one hundred percent a responder or a reactor.  I think if you’ve read this article to this point, then you will agree with me that we all need attitude adjustments at times so that we can go forward and live life better!

If you are a responder (half full type) to life, when negative things happen, you tend to be able to step back a little and look at the overall situation.  In looking at the whole picture, you then rationalize, “Hey, this thing happened and it wasn’t good, but at least, I am still here and can use by learning from it!” The responders are generally thankful and grateful for what the experience has taught them and can generally move on rather quickly.

The people, who react to life (half empty type) when negative things happen, tend to believe that they should have been able to control or prevent them.  However, when they realize that the negative things came and there wasn’t anything they could do about it, most of the time they take it as a huge loss and as a personal failure. Because of their attitude toward whatever the negative thing was, they tend to become stuck in that place.  Instead of being thankful for what the experience could possibly teach them they become bitter. Some people can never move on.

Nobody has a positive or negative attitude all the time.   However, it is generally our attitudes that determine how long it takes us to go forward in life!


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