Psst! Want an Original Gift ?

23 May

180 Days of Scripture

Psst! I’ve got something for you! These Original Scripture Cards are totally Free as my gift to you for connecting with me.  Get yours now, An 180 Days of Scripture Cards on a painted background that I painted myself! Simply download them FREE!  


Blessings my friends!


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Christine Gilliam Hornback

Wife, Mother, #1 Bestselling Author, Spiritual Midwife/Coach, Inspirational Speaker, Creator of Inspirational Programs and Authorship Programs, Artist and Art Instructor!

Hello Friends!  I do Live Webinar Events and now Facebook Live to Coach and Encourage! If you have been feeling stuck or overwhelmed in pursuing your passions and God given purpose, I would love to help you to go forward!   If this is something that you would be interested in please click below for more information!


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I would love for you to have my FREE EBOOK

Inspiring One Dreamer at a Time to Know What Season You’re !n.





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