Today is a New Beginning!

10 Oct

Today is a New Beginning!

As the Lord paints a beautiful new morning skyline in brilliant flashes of pinks, purples, and golds in my neck of the woods here in Georgia this early morning, I am so blessed to be able to appreciate its beauty!  Sometimes it is so important just to stop all of the hustle and bustle and simply realize that today is a new day filled with new mercies and a new beginning!

Have you ever just had a week that you would like to rewind and start all over again?  You know you sound almost like the 9 to 5 song by Dolly Pardon, “You stumble out of bed, stumble to the kitchen, pour yourself a cup of ambition, yawn, and stretch and try to come alive!”  But what happens to your perky little self when you finally stumble into the kitchen to put your morning coffee on, and suddenly you dump the filter and have a huge mess to clean up.  What happens to your ambition then?   Or, maybe you begin to do housework, so you throw in a load of laundry in the washing machine and begin just humming along until you throw those same clothes into the dryer.  An hour later you find out, that your clothes dryer suddenly decides it’s done and won’t heat up… Sound familiar?  What do you do?  Do you stress over it or do you realize what’s happening and immediately say, “Okay, tomorrow is a New Day and a whole New Beginning!”

I have failed too many times to think of things that suddenly do not turn out the way I thought they should have, in a positive way.  However, if I let it go, before long, I have this whole drama queen role played out. You know instead of singing the bubbly 9-5 song, I am now singing the Hee Haw Theme song, “Gloom, Despair, Excessive Misery!” Thank God, I do not have those excessive misery parties nearly as often as I used to because I have learned to stop before I get to that point.  I now literally say out loud, “No, not this time! No, I am not going there, because this stuff or this thing that just went wrong didn’t take God by surprise and it didn’t come to stay.  All things will pass, whether good or bad.    This is just an opportunity for me or you to start a new beginning!  Thank you, Father!”

I guess the point of this post today, is to simply remind myself and others, that nothing escapes our Father’s all Seeing Eye!   He never slumbers nor sleeps, so he is aware of all we go through whether it is something small or large.   He is never surprised and already has made a way for us to get through it. However, we must stop to realize He has us and He cares about what we care about! He has a new sunrise for you and a brand new Beginning!
Psalm 138:8  (KJV)  The Lord will perfect that which concerneth me: thy mercy, O Lord, endureth for ever: forsake not the works of thine own hands

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