A Night to Remember, Your’s FREE!

7 Nov

When A Passion is Fulfilled!

Hello Dear FRIENDS ,

I am so excited to share the following with you! This sweet little book is what it looks like to fulfill your passion when you are retired and want to win souls, and pass something on to your Grand-babies, but it is also a dream come true for me as I was honored to be able to help Author Terry Palmer get it published! Will you please help him make it a #1 Bestseller  by going in and getting it totally FREE!

GET IT FREE TODAY! Click HERE >>>https://imagery.lpages.co/a-night-to-remember/

“Terry Palmer in his book A Night to Remember takes us back to being a wide-eyed child full of wonder and expectation of Santa’s arrival! This book is full of wonderful illustrations and traditional values and is sure to win over the hearts of parents and children alike. The added value is that Terry shares the true meaning of Christmas as he shares Christ with all who will freely accept him as their most precious of gifts! Terry Palmer’s book is a treasure and I am sure will be a favored classic to be read over and over again.”~Christine Gilliam Hornback #1 Bestselling Author

I hope this inspires each of you to keep at your dreams!  If Terry Palmer, a retired gentlemen who has overcome many obstacles including a recent stroke, can begin to get his books published and fulfill his passion,  then so can you!   So just wanted to point to his great testimony as an example that You’ve got this thing!


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Christine Gilliam Hornback
Wife, Mother, #1 Bestselling Author, Spiritual Midwife/Coach, Inspirational Speaker, Creator of Inspirational Programs and Authorship Programs, Artist and Art Instructor!
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Christine is a weekly contributor to http://www.lakeviewtimes.com.
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