Pets Nuzzle in to Stay!

24 May

Pets Nuzzle in to Stay!

A boy and his cat

Weaving themselves into your heart, Pets Nuzzle in to Stay,

Their unique personalities bring joy for each new day.

A giggle as they run so fast your eye can barely keep up,

Then a slobbering ball, a snort or two, from that tail wagging pup.


An attitude of entitlement from the purring feline boss

A plastic bag with a catnip toy, as the room she glides across.

Don’t forget a laser beam, she launches a running attack,

Silly cat ceases to be graceful as she hits the wall and splat!


How about the chattering of birds as they talk amongst each other

Their little choirs’ morning songs they sing to one another.

Regardless of the Pet, they all seem to fill the heart,

But what shattering they make when it’s their time to part.


So to all who have Pets, love them, and let them bring you smiles

Spoil and pamper those loyal friends as it will be your best times.

Loving unconditionally, it is how Pets were made you see

If people would learn from them and do the same, how sweet our world would be!


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