Do you have A WISH List Or FAITH List?

1 Aug

 Do you have a Wish List or Faith List?

Faith Substance

Do you have a Wish List or a Faith List?

The difference between the two is God’s Word.  God doesn’t mind that you have what you wish for, but He is not a fairy Godmother….He doesn’t grant wishes…He operates by His principals of faith.

Do you keep saying, “Man, I wish God would do something for me.”  He is not withholding from you, but He requires faith!

I hear people all the time say “I am hoping and a praying!”

Hope is a good thing and prayer is a wonderful thing, however hoping and yes even praying will not get you what you want.

When you hope and pray,  you must add faith, the substance (physical matter) to your hope to see it come!

Wishing won’t do it, but Faithing will get it to you every time!  Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.  How do you hear and hear the Word of God?  You must begin reading it, meditating it, confessing it with your own mouth.

God has not changed….What did he do?

Genesis 1-He spoke and Light was!  He Created with words…

Genesis…The Holy Spirit of God was brooding over the deep, waiting…Waiting for the Father to Speak the Word, The Living Word….and Bam! The Dynamite (Power of the Holy Spirit) brought that spoken Word to Life!

He sent us the Living Word…Jesus, We have the Holy Spirit inside us and on us just brooding like He did for the Father…for the Sons and Daughters of God to realize that they can frame their worlds and create with the same creative Power as their Father!  Why, because we are made in the Likeness and image of our Father.

Jesus taught his disciples to Pray:  Matthew 6: 10 Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.

Why?  The answer is because this was God’s original plan when He created the Garden of Eden. He wanted to fellowship and commune with his wonderful Sons and Daughters!  Everything He has done through Jesus was to take us back to that intimate place of Fellowship with Him…

How do we get there?  By obeying and doing the WORD of GOD

Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things, not seen.…

Faith is the Substance..(The physical matter) of things hoped for!   We give our Faith substance by speaking words that we believe!

Fear works the same way…Are you giving substance to fear or to FAITH?

When you pray, are you simply wishing or are you praying the Word of God and Speaking out your answer?

I ask again, Do you have a Wish List or a Faith List?

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