Still, do IT!

5 Mar

Still, do IT!

Stil Do IT Post

Well, it’s been far too long since I’ve emptied my soul of pent up words that I needed to spill out onto a Social Media post, into a blog, or even into a book.    Maybe you can relate when circumstances in life sort of just kick and battle you seemingly until you feel as though you are down for the count!  The human spirit is so amazing, especially if it is infused with the Holy Spirit, the very Resurrection Spirit Himself comes to quicken us!

Just when the enemy of our soul thinks he is the victor, Viola, there is still life, still a passion, still some fight that makes us get up and STILL, DO IT!  Whatever your IT is, I hope that you are still doing IT!  If you have stopped, my prayer is that these few simple words of encouragement will spark LIFE into your spirit and that you realize that you’re still breathing and that you’re still here to Still, do IT!

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