Are You Ready to Crush it with a Challenge?

29 May
Wow, guys, as you know I’ve been posting a lot of FREE Challenges by Pedro Adao because I have been trying to model what I am learning in his
Crush it with Challenge Course. Several of you have participated and can agree with me that He is a wonderful encourager. I tried to model what I had learned from him when i did my first Challenge in April. I am so excited about the possibility of doing more challenges because the one I did allowed me to pour out my heart and soul. I felt that my first Challenge was very successful, and I am so excited to have learned even more this week on how to do more challenges.
I never want to feel spammy or want you guys to think that I am just trying to sell you something. Many of you have been with me for several years now, so I hope you know my heart by now and know that I try to promote things that I feel will absolutely change your lives. That said, Pedro just dropped a brand new Crush it with Challenges Program that he has never sold publicly before. The offer is absolutely amazing and yes I thought of some of you who follow me who need to take your business, or ministry to the next level. There is an amazing bonus if you sign up before 12:00 Pacific time tomorrow 5/29/2020.
I am posting a link and I want to be upfront with you, it is an affiliate link which means that I will receive a percentage of anything that I sell through the link, but I promise if I never received a dime, it would still be something I would share with you! Check it out, as it is chalked full of amazing value and actually is like a business in a box as Pedro is offering to coach for 4 weeks etc to walk people through the process…Why would I share this?  Pedro has helped me tremendously with the Crush it with Challenge Framework.  Even now, I am planning my next challenge for mid-June which I will share!


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