Ready to Crush It With A Challenge?

25 Mar

Movement Makers are action takers.

The doors are now open. It’s your turn. 
I’ve been sharing a lot recently about challenges and how effective they are at launching a business, a brand, and a movement…
And how no one on earth is better at running and teaching challenges than Pedro Adao.

Now’s your chance to continue the momentum and buy Pedro’s Crush It With Challenges.

Here’s what’s included:

CRUSH IT WITH CHALLENGES COURSE [Value: 4,995 value] – New & Updated (Lifetime Access) – Discover the secret of over 47 profitable challenges and learn what works step-by-step, so you can collapse time to your own successful challenge.

4 WEEKS OF LIVE GROUP COACHING WITH PEDRO AND HEAD TRAINERS [Value: 4,995] – Receive Personalized Guidance – Personalized coaching provides you direct access to a collective of challenge wisdom so you can get your challenge designed and implemented with help.

HIGH TICKET COACHING WITH RUSS RUFFINO: [Value: 3,995] – Learn how to get clients with ease as expert and no-nonsense business coach Russ Ruffino teaches how to attract the right clients at the right prices, so you can get Clients on Demand!

CHALLENGE TO BOOK 1-DAY INTENSIVE WITH 100X PUBLISHING: [Value: 2,995] – Take action to transform your challenge into a book so you can get your book written and published to share your message fast.

CHALLENGE SECRETS:  TOP TAKEAWAYS FROM IN-DEPTH CHALLENGE TRAINING: [Value: 995] – Get All The Highest Level Challenge Lessons! Skip the fluff and go straight to what works now with in-depth interviews from elite entrepreneurs who ran successful challenges.

CHALLENGES FOR SERVICE BASED BUSINESSES WITH KRISTA MASHORE: [Value: 995] – Sell More Houses With Challenges – REAL strategies to scale your real estate business fast.  Discover how real estate coach Krista Mashore sold 151 homes in ONE year.

SIX MONTHS OF CHALLENGE HUB SUBSCRIPTION: [Value: 995] – Access an Interactive Challenge Dashboard – This tool provides a way to capture social proof and measure important metrics determining your success so you can manage your challenge like a pro.

FILLING YOUR CHALLENGES WITH PAID TRAFFIC/CHALLENGE TRAFFIC MASTERY WITH KASIM ASLAM: [Value: 995] – Jam-Pack Your Challenges With Dream Clients – Want to grow your traffic fast? Paid Ads are the way to go. Discover the secrets of effective paid traffic with Kasim Aslam so you can target the right audience and fill up your challenges fast without breaking your budget.

FILLING YOUR CHALLENGES WITH ORGANIC TRAFFIC WITH RACHEL MILLER: [Value: 995] – Fill Your Challenges Without Any Ads – Learn Rachel Miller’s strategies to grow your organic traffic fast, so you can fill up your challenge and reach more of your ideal audience in less time.

SEVEN-FIGURE FUNNEL TEMPLATES: [Value: 995] – Drag and Drop Your Way to the Top – Coming up with your own outline can be tedious and tiresome, use the system that has results. Use Pedro’s proven funnel templates so you can build your own effective funnel fast.

THE ULTIMATE NICHE FINDER WORKSHEET: [Value: 495] – Map Out Your Ideal Customer – The #1 problem of early-stage entrepreneurs is not niching down. Discover the power of micro-niching and clearly define your ideal audience so you can become #1 in your niche.

THE ULTIMATE OFFER DESIGN WORKSHEET: [Value: 495] – Design Your Perfect Offer – Never worry about making another offer again. This worksheet guides you every step of the way, so you can make irresistible offers your audience wants.

TICKET MAP FOR VIRTUAL ATTENDEES WITH PETE VARGAS: [Value: 995] – Dominate Virtual Events – Discover the secrets of best in class virtual events so you can produce exceptional virtual events of your own.

RECORDINGS OF EXCLUSIVE BACKSTAGE PASS WITH PEDRO, JOHN LEE DUMAS AND SURPRISE GUESTS: [Value: 995] – Lifetime Access to Backstage Recordings – Listen to experts in multiple industries share their insights on their profitable challenges so you can see exactly what to do in your challenge.

FITNESS CHALLENGES WITH ALEX HERMOZI: [Value: 995] – Fuel Your Fitness Business With Challenges – Discover the secrets of expert gym-turnaround specialist Gym Launch CEO Alex Hermozi, so you can learn to run a profitable gym business, make payroll, and open more locations.

TWO TICKETS TO CRUSH IT LIVE 2021: [Value: 995] – Let Our Team Lead You Through The Process – Stay connected with other entrepreneurs on the same journey as you. Discover the power behind community so you can be inspired, encouraged, and empowered.

BEHIND THE SCENES OF THE FEAR IS THE DOOR CHALLENGE APR 26 – 30TH: [Value: 995] – Exclusive Behind The Scenes Access – Behind the scenes look at what it took to put on The Fear Is The Door Challenge so you can know exactly what to do for your own challenge.

TURNKEY CHALLENGE GRAPHICS TEMPLATES: [Value: 495] Customizable Facebook Group Cover Photo & Challenge Graphic Templates so you can clearly and professionally brand your challenge for maximum exposure and engagement.

-> That’s a total of $88,915 in VALUE!

Pedro just added a Fast Action Bonus, when you order Crush It With Challenges before midnight on Friday, March 26, 2021. 

It’s a Challenge Design Check Up: Answer 7 Essential Challenge Design Questions 

Challenges are won or lost in the Design Phase. Get Challenge Design Feedback within 72 hours when you join Crush It With Challenges by Midnight Friday, March 26th.

Taking action gets results.  Your opportunity to gain direct hand-written feedback from Pedro and his Challenge Coaches to ensure your challenge is set up correctly. 

Work with someone with proven results. Who better to get coaching from than The Challenge Guy??  

There is no substitute for results

He’s run 47 profitable challenges in a row, and built two 7-figure businesses, and launched not one, not two, but three industry leading movements!

Pedro has innovated upon challenges for the early-stage or elite entrepreneur so that they work for everyone, no matter the niche so they can scale their business faster than with any other marketing strategy. 

You’ve heard their stories during the last 5 days…

Below are ordinary people like you and me who simply crushed a challenge with Pedro’s Challenge Model that walked them through step by step….

Gail Doby, an interior designer, had a 36% conversion to her back-end offer making $21,196 in her first challenge. 

No product? No problem, do what Susan Gilbert did. She used an affiliate product, created a challenge around it and made a cool $19,000! 

Rachel K. was already a top-seller on Etsy when she found Pedro. She had experience with other business coaches that had resulted in many let downs, but after months of prompting by her husband, Josh and Pedro, Rachel launched her “7-Day Crafts to Cash Challenge” and made over 6-figures in her first challenge!

Stephen & Chelsey Diaz were selling their course and doing well, but had trouble getting past $60,000 in sales. Then, Pedro helped Stephen design a completely new challenge for his stay-at-home-moms wanting to start an Amazon side hustle during naptime.

Their next challenge did $1.2M…four times so far!

I‘m sharing all these examples with you to help you see it is possible for you too! 

When you sign up for Crush It With Challenges

You’ll discover the step-by-step instructions giving you everything you need to know to launch, grow, and scale your movement.

Yes, I want Crush It With Challenges Now!

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