7 Day Write Now Right Time Challenge!

5 Apr

  7 Day Write Now Right Time Challenge
 First Time Authors, Ready, Set, Publish

April 8-15


This Challenge Fits If The Following Applies:

  • Written a story, or stories, written in journals for years, notebooks, or in computer documents  
  • There is a burning message inside, but a lack of confidence to share it
  • Would love to have support and connect with like-minded authors who are on the same journey! 
  • Have dreamed of being a published Author but feel stuck or overwhelmed due to a lack of knowledge or technical skills

I once identified with all of the above! However, my life shifted simply by making one choice! What was my choice? I chose to never doubt that God was giving me the ability and the imagination to share His heart through the words I was privileged to write. Oh, did I doubt myself? Yes, many times, but never HIM!

From that day forward, I decided to be a good steward of the gifts and talents that I had been given.  I determined to do what I knew to do, add the skills that I needed to add, and trust He would supply the rest!  He has proved Himself faithful time and time again!

That simple choice has opened up a wonderful life for me to publish 37 books of my own of many genres, but joyfully help many authors by teaching them how to publish their wonderful books through a process called Challenges! It is my desire to help as many authors as possible to finally get their messages to those who were meant to hear them!  

The 7 Day Write Now Right Time Challenge Awaits Your Decision!


Who Am I

Wife, Mother, 5 x’s Bestselling Author, Spiritual Midwife and Self-Publishing Coach, Kingdom Entrepreneur, and Creator and Host of Book Challenges! Artist, Art Instructor, Inspirational/Professional Speaker

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