8:18 Kingdom Finance Challenge

10 Aug
8:18 Challenge with Pedro Adao

Hey Fellow Kingdom Entrepreneurs,

Do you need to hear a different narrative then what you’re hearing in today’s media?

Do the so-called financial guru’s have you worried about what is next and how will it affect you personally?

Pedro Adao has a life-changing training that has the potential to change the way you see, treat, and apply principles of money to create Kingdom wealth.

He’ll train for just 8 minutes…for 18 days starting on August 11th.

Click HERE to join me in the 8:18 Kingdom Finance Challenge

I want to be clear though, it may offend you because out of all the training he has done over the past 3 years…This challenge…this training…these breakthroughs are the ones people still talk about the most as having had the most profound impact on their lives.

One of the ways the enemy has been so effective stealing, killing, and destroying from God’s people is in the area of finances…which ends up impacting all the other areas of our lives.

So I am giving you warning, and asking for your permission to possibly be offended…


I mean when sound Kingdom Truth and Revelation enters your life, it will offend the poverty spirit that plagues so many Christians…

It will also offend scarcity mindsets and reveal orphan tendencies…

All of which need to be sent back to the “hell” from which they came.

So..if you are ready to get free from the lies of the enemy and…

Discover the Kingdom Keys for how to create, steward, and multiply wealth the Kingdom Way…

Click HERE and get registered for this truly life-changing 8:18 Kingdom Finance Challenge.

Each day, starting on Thursday, August 11th, he’ll train for just 8 minutes…for 18 days!

That’s less than an hour a week for the most life-changing Kingdom wealth strategies to equip you to opt-out of any impending recession!

However, this challenge is not for everyone…If you are not open to discovering the truth from God’s word on how to create and steward wealth as a Kingdom entrepreneur…then this challenge is probably not for you…

Be prepared to hear concepts, strategies, and practical methods that you have probably never heard of before and certainly aren’t going to hear in Church on Sunday morning.

If you’re ready to do this, then Join me by clicking HERE and let’s get you registered.

I look forward to seeing you in the challenge!

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