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Childhood Christmas Memories!

19 Dec
My Old Home Place on our farm in Kentucky

My Old Home Place on our farm in Kentucky

Childhood Christmas Memories!

My Childhood Home in Lewis County, Kentucky

Looking back to when I was a young girl, I can now say that growing up on a farm in Kentucky was an awesome privilege! Yes we worked very hard, but we also were able to play hard as well.  We never had lots of money, but never went without!    I had two of the most dedicated and hard-working parents and five sisters! Dad worked from sun up until sundown either on the farm or in construction building many roads in the tri-state area! Mom worked as hard if not harder at times! My mother was an awesome cook!  She could cook a meal faster than anyone I know even to this day that was mouth-watering delicious! She was also a seamstress, although she would never call herself one!  She made clothing for her daughters, our neighbors and cousins.  She also made handmade quilts and even designed curtains and bedspreads, but she would simply say that she was someone who tried to sew!  Mom could look at something and make it, her talent was amazing.   I also had wonderful Grandparents, many Aunts and Uncles, and cousins that lived close to us, so of course we visited one another’s homes often!   Life was wonderful and honestly, it was always exciting!  We could always find something to do, we were never bored!

As I reminisce my childhood, I wanted to focus on Christmas as we are presently in the wonderful Christmas Season!  As stated before we grew up on a farm where we raised tobacco, which was one of the main cash crops for Kentucky or at least the part of Kentucky where I grew up.   We not only raised or grew tobacco on our farm, but my Dad would lease other tobacco fields so that we raised huge crops every year.  It was back-breaking work because in order to grow a crop of tobacco it was practically a yearlong job.  Everyone in the family had to do their part, yes even me as I was the baby of the family!   However, at the end of the year, once the crop was sold the rewards of taking the tobacco to the warehouses to be sold were so exciting as it was usually always around Christmas time!    My Dad was a generous man, and he always paid his workers well, yes even his Daughters!  He would give every one of us girls a pretty hefty amount or at least it seemed it was for that period of time.  We were bright-eyed as he sat at the kitchen table and counted stacks of money.  We waited in anticipation to see what we would receive out of that wonderful stack!  Dad and my Mom would smile with great pleasure as he handed each of us our amount!  We beamed with joy as we reached out our hands to receive the fruits of our hard-earned labor!

I am always amazed as I look back at how such a small amount compared to today’s monies   went so very far!  It was always enough and then some! I was always able to buy everyone in my family something and still manage to have change left for me to put in my little change purse until I could get to our little general store down the road to buy penny candy! As a family, we had the best time going Christmas shopping as normally we only went to a big Department store in a city a couple of times a year.  We went once in the fall to buy shoes, coats, and school supplies and fabric as Mom made most of our school clothes!  Then of course, we went at Christmas time!  We had a department store that has long since gone out of business in our neck of the woods, called Harts!  We would all pile in the car for the long ride to travel across the Ohio River to Portsmouth, Ohio. It usually took about an hour and a half but for me it seemed like a longer journey! Once we arrived at Harts Department Store, we usually paired off, an older sister with a younger one and were turned loose to shop the store!  The excitement of having money to buy everyone a gift in the family was above measure!  It was even more fun as we had to try to avoid running into one another in the store to keep our gifts our secret finds!  Oh, what I wouldn’t give to have my family all back in that department store one more time!  It was a precious time and I was so very blessed to have been a part of such a loving family!

Good memories are such blessings from the Lord.  I try to recall the sentiments behind those wonderful memories as I want to pass on great memories to my own children for Christmas.  My hope for them is that in the future when they celebrate Christmas with my grandchildren or even great-grandchildren that they too will have touching Christmas memories that they can value and share! I hope that you will have the same!

Merry Christmas from my home which is now in Douglasville, Georgia to yours wherever you may be! May you have a wonderful joy filled Season of Celebrating and creating life long memories!

Disappointments Will Come, Then What?

11 Dec

Disappointments Will Come, Then What?.

Disappointments Will Come, Then What?

11 Dec

Disappointment Will Come, Then What?    

Have you ever put all of your time and effort into something important and it not work out the way that you expected it to? What did you do?  Did you quit, or did you square your shoulders and begin again?

I am not a quitter!  I am as stubborn as a mule and most times if something doesn’t work out, I just dig in and determine that I will get it done one way or the other! Unfortunately sometimes I am too stubborn to try new or different ways of doing things.  If I keep doing the same things, I am going to keep getting the same results!  Trust me; I’ve tested that theory enough times to know that it is true.  So I guess that is the reason that I like to “step out of the boat”, and at least try to walk on the water rather than staying in my comfort zone regretting that I didn’t even try!  If I could accomplish things by just wanting them to happen the way that I want them to, than success would have been mine long ago!  However, I have found that things always happen for a reason, yes, even things that feel like failure!   I believe the key is always being willing to learn from the experience!  Maybe if I look at the situation differently that I can see something that I could have done differently as well!

Here is something that most people do not want to hear, and honestly I don’t like to hear it either, but…. Maybe, just maybe….. the timing was completely off.  As I’ve stated I am stubborn and I consider myself proactive in my own life. I try to get things done, but I have missed God so many times because I moved way ahead of His timing or even worse I didn’t move when I was supposed to.   As you’ve probably concluded, I am not a passive personality that just waits for “whatever will be will be!”  Nope, it is my opinion that God has planned my future, but He is not going to drop everything in my lap without my participation! For instance, what if I am supposed to meet someone who could really help me to get to another level but I refuse to meet with them?   Or maybe, just maybe I am supposed to help them get what they are trying to obtain, but I refuse to move or I keep moving, when I am to remain still.  I’ve heard it said that “No man is an Island!”   We are on this planet to help one another fulfill destiny!  You may be saying, “Listen Lady I do good to mind my own business without trying to take care of the business of others!”

I Corinthians 3: 6 (KJV) I have planted, Apollos watered; but God gave the increase. 7 So then neither is he that planteth any thing, neither he that watereth; but God that giveth the increase. 8Now he that planteth and he that watereth are one: and every man shall receive his own reward according to his own labour. 9For we are labourers together with God: ye are God’s husbandry, ye are God’s building.

I have had to realize that what I am and even what I do is because I’m a laborer together with God!   I am a firm believer that if I do what I know to do, even when I am out of God’s timing that He will still use it and help me gain the courage to pick myself up when I feel like I have failed miserably!  I personally think that the Father loves it when I am trying my best to fulfill my destiny!  Like a good Daddy, when I fall, he is always there to pick me up! If I will ask Him, He will show me His wisdom to help me be successful the next time.  Yes, disappointments will come, then what? Do I stay there and wallow in discouragement and self-pity! Nope, I can get back up! I have a race to run and a finish line to cross!  It is my prayer that as I race through my life that I will encourage others to continue running until they see their finish line as well!

Decorating the Christmas Tree!

3 Dec

Decorating the Christmas Tree!.

Decorating the Christmas Tree!

3 Dec

Decorating the Christmas Tree!

Blustery Winter!

  1.     Start with a live Christmas tree and think about the tree that was used to crucify our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
  2.     Notice the trees wonderful fresh fragrance and aroma.  Think about his precious anointing and presence in your life.
  3.     Place the tree in its stand and water it well to keep it nourished.  This is what the blood does for us.   If we stay saturated in his blood we are always nourished and refreshed.  We will never fade or fall back.
  4.     As you wrap the tree in bright lights think about his power in your life and what you can do in him and what it was like in your life before you knew about his power.  How many times did we struggle in ourselves to try to be “good” or to try to break free from chains that kept us bound?  Thank God now all we have to do is rely on his power through the Holy Spirit and let him be God in us. He sets us free and places us in good standing with him.
  5.     Now as you take the time to examine the branches, think about the Lords loving arms around you.  How many times has he picked you up and loved on you?  His arms are always outstretched like the beautiful branches of the tree.  As the tree’s branches hold treasured ornaments so does the Lord’s loving arms, for he counts us as a precious ornament that he himself has fashioned.
  6.     Next, bring out the heirloom bulbs.  These are usually ornaments that are safely tucked back into their boxes each year and when brought out you reminisce all of the past years that they were used.  These ornaments are ornaments of grace.  As you look back over your life and reminisce where you started, hopefully you can see how far the Lord has brought you and cry “GRACE!”  God’s enabling ability on your inability to do what you could not do yourself.  It was his wonderful unmerited favor that opened doors of safety for you and closed other doors that could have meant you harm.
  7.     Then of course there are those very special personal ornaments that you treasure.  These ornaments are the testimonies of what the Lord has delivered you from and what he has delivered you to.  Everyone of us have these special ornaments in our lives and only you and I can tell what God has done for us and do it justice.  These ornaments stand out on the tree and attract attention and so do the testimonies of the saints, after all we overcome by them.  Hopefully every year we add more and more of these personal ornaments or treasures on the tree. 8.
  8.     Now it is time for the garland which is God’s mercy.  We have all sinned and fallen short of his Glory, but thank the Lord you or I did not get what we deserved.  Instead as the accuser bellows “Guilty!”  We have a wonderful Savior that we have been hidden in who resounds the word “Mercy, Mercy!” all over heaven.  We deserved his justice but have obtained his loving mercy!  His mercies are renewed every morning which tells me that we cannot exhaust his glorious supply.
  9.     For the final decoration let’s place the beautiful shining star on the very top of the tree. The shining star represents God’s word or direction.  His word should always be at the very forefront of our thinking.  How do we do anything without first knowing what direction to start? His word is a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path. The star pointed to Jesus and showed the Kings of the East where he was, and so does the star of his word.  As you read through the pages every line and every passage points to Jesus, for the word is Jesus.  He is the bright and morning star!
  10. After the tree is decorated we place beautifully gift wrapped packages underneath.  So are the Fruits of the Spirit beautifully wrapped in a wonderful package.  These fruits operate in our lives to help us win others to Jesus.  The Fruits of the Spirit also are given for our benefit and when yielded to, will help us to live the abundant life that through Jesus was made available to us.  Just as all of the beautifully gift wrapped packages have wonderful things inside, we also possess wonderful treasures inside placed there by the Lord himself.  Jesus is the gift that keeps on giving and giving and giving!

Come out of Hiding!

21 Nov

Come out of Hiding!.

Come out of Hiding!

21 Nov

Come out of Hiding!


Matthew 5:15 (KJV) Neither do men light a candle, and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick; and it giveth light unto all that are in the house.

With Christmas fast approaching, I was thinking about all of the beautiful Christmas lights going up everywhere.  They are so beautiful and are sending forth a message that the Celebration of Jesus’ birth is coming!  The three wise men travelled to find Jesus as they followed the brightness of the light of a star!  Light is mentioned over and over in the Bible as it alludes to the true Light which was Jesus!

John 1:4 (KJV)In him was life; and the life was the light of men

Are you shining a light or are you hiding in secret hoping no one will notice you in a room.  My understanding of this scripture may be a little different from yours, but in my thinking, Jesus is simply stating that what I have from him which is his life and light is in me to bring light into dark places.  Isn’t that what Jesus did?  He was the light of the world and came when the world was filled with “gross darkness.”  When we share his love and life we too are bringing light into the darkness!

As I was invited to speak at a wonderful church last night there were things about me that could not be hidden.  If you’ve followed my blogs then you know that I’ve stated many times that I am a Kentuckian that moved to Georgia.   When I speak there is no hiding the fact that I come from the South!  I have a slow southern drawl that I couldn’t hide even if I wanted to.  The minute I utter the first word, the light is shown and the crowd can conclude “Yes she is definitely from the South!”  I used to be intimidated by others and what they thought of me.   However, after many opportunities opened unto me to speak, Jesus helped me to not be concerned about what others may think.  I am not trying to sound arrogant, but I know that the Lord fills my mouth to share what he places in my heart!  He continues to give me open doors and speaking engagements!

When I was a child we used to sing a little song entitled “This little light of mine!”  Perhaps you sung it in your Sunday school class.  We would sing “ we were going to let our little lights shine all over the world!”  As a child it was simply a song to me, but as I became an adult I realized the significance of the lyrics to that song.  It’s not just a cute little song, but it is truly our commission from the Lord when he left.

Mark 16:15 (KJV) And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. 16 He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned. 17 And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues;18 They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover. 19 So then after the Lord had spoken unto them, he was received up into heaven, and sat on the right hand of God. 20 And they went forth, and preached everywhere, the Lord working with them, and confirming the word with signs following. Amen.

He told us to go into all of the world and basically shine our lights. We are to do what he did while he was on the earth!  You may be asking “Well how to I do that, I am only one person?” My answer to you is to simply start where you are at. I may shine my light differently than you do as we all have different gifts and talents, but nevertheless we have a commission from the Lord himself!  I find that to be so exciting and adventurous!  No matter where the Lord has placed you, realize that you are strategically placed there to shine a light!  I love the following scripture:  Mark 20 And they went forth, and preached everywhere, the Lord working with them, and confirming the word with signs following. Amen!

He is with us, he will work with us to fulfill what he has placed in our hearts to do!  I encourage you …..Come out of hiding and Shine your Light!



14 Nov


Ecclesiastes 9:10 (KJV) Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might; for there is no work, nor device, nor knowledge, nor wisdom, in the grave, whither thou goest

Is it just me, or does the years seem to be going by faster?  As of this day that I am writing this blog, there are only forty-five days left in the year of 2014!  I don’t know about you, but I always try to examine my year to see if I have passionately pursued the desires in my heart and done what the Lord had called me to do.   I don’t do this so that I can beat myself up if I didn’t quite meet every goal, but rather I do it because it teaches me life lessons that I can’t learn any other way!  When I take the time to think about what I spent my time on, I can see some very rewarding things that I’ve done, but on the other hand there will be other things that didn’t quite work out.   If I honestly evaluate the things that didn’t quite work out the way that I wanted them to,  I can usually use them as good teachers that will help me in the year to come!

When I look to the New Year I like to think of it as if it is an action adventure in a brand new chapter of a book that has yet to be written.  I guess it is the writer in me, but I find the new adventure to be very exciting!    Although the steps I am beginning to take can be somewhat unfamiliar, this to me is what makes life worth living and stirs up my passion to pursue it with all my might!  I love that with the Lord, I get more chances at reaching the goals that I may not have reached before in the previous year! He redeems my time so nothing is wasted!

Even though I have published four books before, I am excited to be preparing another one!   It’s like having a new baby! I know that I have to take care of it, but it does not mean that I necessarily know how.  I cannot always do the same with this baby as my last!  Every child is different!  You just sort of play it by ear and let the baby tell you what it needs.  More than I want to promote the fact that I am working on a new book, I really want to promote the message behind the books that I have written and will continue to write!   I have a passion and a desire to encourage others to follow their dreams, no matter how crazy they may seem.   I am a farm girl who was born and raised in a small little rural community in Kentucky.  Why would I, of all people, be chosen to write books?  My answer is simply this…because I said YES!   If I, of all people can write books and be published, then there is no limit to what you can do… What is your passion?  If you do not know what your passion is, then this blog is your divine challenge!   Until you know what you truly desire to do and are passionate about, then you will spend much of your life (years) being unfulfilled and very unhappy.  However, when you know what your passion is and the Lord co-labors with you in fulfilling your purpose, there is nothing more rewarding and satisfying!

So this is the challenge! I know that I’ve said a lot, but it all boils down to:  What is in your heart to do?

Ecclesiastes 9:10 (KJV) Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might; for there is no work, nor device, nor knowledge, nor wisdom, in the grave, whither thou goest.

It sounds to me like you have been created to do something passionately with your life and that you are to do it with all your might!  This blog is one of my attempts to passionately pursue what is in my heart! I hope that you will follow suit and arise to the challenge to pursue your passion as well, no matter how outrageous or crazy it may seem!

Treasure on the Inside!

5 Nov

Treasure on the Inside!.

Treasure on the Inside!

5 Nov

Treasure on the Inside!

Nativity window

I know that sometimes changing things up a bit is not always easy for people to accept, however I feel that it is change that makes life so interesting! Because I feel this way, for this week’s blog and with Thanksgiving and Christmas being right around the corner, I decided to post something a little different!  I hope that you will enjoy it!  Yeah, well I could already hear in my hearing someone stating that “Thanksgiving has not come yet, and here is this lady writing about Christmas!”  I know that this post is about Christmas, but it is really not just about Christmas, but it is about every season in our lives!  If you read my blog last week, then you know that I wrote of Thanksgiving!   Also I decided to post my Nativity picture because it represented some of the change that I so frequently blog about.  The painting is an old antique window that I painted a few years back. It might not be that great, but it was a time of stretching or change for me.  I had never attempted to paint faces before and because of that I am pleased with it!


Treasure on the Inside!

To look on my outward appearance

You may not be impressed,

There may not be much beauty, poise,

or gracefulness.

But take another look, please, look

deep and look wide,

For what I may lack on the outward

is hidden treasure  inside.


No longer hidden though

is my greatest heart’s desire,

I want to live from the inside

out for others to admire.

For inside this vessel a living treasure

Not acquired by myself,

But hidden on the inside is a kingdom

of infinite wealth!


A priestly King from Heaven, a Holy seed

Born through virgin loins,

To demonstrate the Father’s love

That many children could be born.

A holy child given unto the world on a starry Christmas night

Hark the herald angels sing praise in abiding shepherd’s hearing

A Heavenly Father’s greatest present freely was in sight

A celebration in my heart as I counted his gift so endearing


I accepted his sacrifice of the punishment meant for me

A kingdom that was purchased not with sweat on brawl

Jesus now my savior that was hung upon a tree

By the shedding of Holy blood no other was endowed.

The Father’s holy gift is still being offered in each and every season

As a precious treasure for all to freely accept and to receive

His heart was to love you; His gift is for this reason

His invitation to be a member of his family for those who will simply believe!



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