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7 Keys to Put Your Life in Drive-Key #4 Rearview Mirror

9 Jun

7 Keys to Put Your Life in Drive-Key #4 Rearview Mirror

When you are stuck in life and cannot seem to go forward, may I suggest you look back just to see how far you’ve already come.  You are here, breathing in and out, so that tells me that you have a purpose.  The rearview mirror in our vehicles is designed for us to look into, only to glance back, but then,  to move forward.  In this series, I referred to the Rearview Mirror as God’s Faithfulness.  If he has ever helped you in the past, and He has, then He will do it again! I hope that this video series will help you to see, God’s faithfulness to you.  Sometimes, in order to move forward, we have to remember again, how far we came!


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