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5 Steps to Birthing your Dream

17 Jul

Excited to announce my Upcoming book 5 Steps to Birthing a Dream!  This book was a long time coming but determination will take you a long way!  Women, you don’t want to miss this  book.  If …

Source: 5 Steps to Birthing your Dream

Yay! My first 5 Star Review on Mazy’s High Flying Adventure!

19 Feb

Inspiring One Dreamer at a Time!”


With 2 Bonus Stories  Sable the Pony and Curley Sue's Lesson

With 2 Bonus Stories
Sable the Pony and Curley Sue’s Lesson

What a Year!

23 Dec

What a Year!.

What a Year!

23 Dec


What a Year 2014!


Christine Gilliam Hornback's Book Signings

Book Signing

Psalms 37:23( KJV) The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord, and He delights in his way.


I had posted recently on my facebook page about how my life has been like a whirlwind lately. Especially through the year of 2014!  Simply meaning that it has been rapidly moving in circles to where I absolutely have to trust God to help me navigate through them!   I am not complaining but rather rejoicing, as I’ve labored seemingly for years to have the personal success that I am now enjoying.  If you have read any of my writings or followed my blogs then you will know that I am a Mom of two boys that I home school which is and will always be my greatest blessings and  priority.  I am also an Author, Artist and an Inspirational speaker.   I actually have four books published at the present time and am currently working on several more, however, being any of these things especially being an Author is not a golden ticket to success!  As a matter of fact, writing the books was, in my opinion, the easy part.  Marketing the books or promoting them to get the messages inside of them out to the public has proved to be the real task!   I have had so much to learn and am still learning every day.  There have been times where I’ve honestly just became overwhelmed and wanted to throw in the towel!  However, again if you’ve followed my blogs or my writings than you know that I am a very determined person!  I do not give up without throwing my most valiant effort toward that thing.   Unless GOD releases me to do something different!

I was a director of Women’s Ministry for many years!  It was honestly a joy and a privilege to help so many women over those years!  I found that with the Lord, that what I helped to make happen for them, He made happen for me.  I actually published two of my books during that time although I had written nearly a dozen.  I think that I thought in my mind that since I was so active in my local church doing Women’s ministry that the Lord would somehow combine the two.  I never thought in the beginning of publishing my first book that it would come down to a choice, however, when I realized that it was coming to that, I actually stopped writing for a while.  I loved Women’s Ministry and truly would not even let myself think about stepping out and doing anything different.  What I now know, is that it wasn’t trading one for the other, but that the Lord simply wanted to add to what I was doing and to promote me to a larger platform!  I bucked against God like a stubborn mule at first when I felt in my heart that I was going to release the Women’s Ministry, but one day in His sweet and calming still voice He spoke to me, “My Daughter, you will always be in Women’s Ministry because you are a women!”  Duh!… This was such a simple thing, but it became a revelation to me, so much so, that it allowed me the freedom to step out without looking back!  I dared to pursue my writing/ art career but also still do ministry which I so loved with a passion! When I say ministry, I do not necessarily mean to go to packed out church buildings and preach to multitudes, however I would do that with invitations, but, what I mean is that one on one ministry that now happens everywhere I go!  Life is absolutely exciting and full of adventure.  I never know how the Lord will use the open doors, but all I have to do is simply walk through them by faith and let Him use me once I am there!

God’s plans for me are always so much larger than my thoughts can take me. So I wrote all of this blog not to toot my own horn of obedience or successes, but rather as stated before my passion is to minister to you my readers!  I want to encourage you to trust the Lord! What He is doing for me, He will do for you!  Maybe you’ve stepped out before and felt like you were a failure.  Yes I’ve done that before as well but no attempt with GOD is a failure!  I’ve shook  myself off and simply began again!  I am hardly making a fortune, (YET) on my books or art, and my calendar is not filled for the next six months up the road, but do you know what?   I am thrilled because I have learned to let the Lord order my steps so that I can truly delight in my way! I have no doubt that He will bring me to success in every area!  I hope in the coming year, that you experience this kind of freedom that I am talking about and simply walk with the Lord and let him lead you!  I would love to hear of what the Lord is doing or has done for you in the coming months.  Please feel free to contact me!  We will rejoice together!

Happy New Year, May it be beyond your wildest imaginations

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