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Free Promotion of “Tell the Enemy to Scat”

9 Sep

My true story of finally having children after my husband and I were married for twenty years!

Yay!  Free Kindle Download  of my latest book ” Tell the Enemy to Scat”!  This weekend I will be running my latest book absolutely free with no strings attached whatsoever.  Just simply go to Amazon and download it free of charge.   Why?  You may ask.  Because I really want this book to get into the hands of people who need hope.  I do not care what you have need of, there is an answer!  Sometimes it may be hidden, or you may have to wait for it to become apparent, but there is always an answer to everything….Do I have all the answers?  Good Lord NO!  But I do know the ONE who knows the beginning from the ending and everything in between.  So I hope that you will get the free book, and find hope and even smile a little as you read of my true story and know that If I found my answer, you too can find yours!


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