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Resolution-A Call to Action!

8 Jan

Resolution-A Call to Action!.

Resolution-A Call to Action!

8 Jan

Resolution-A Call to Action!

stainless steel trash can

Luke 6:45 (JKV) For out of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaketh.

Okay, I am going to just cut right to the chase! I realize I may lose some people right here, but I hope that you will take the time to read the whole entire blog!  A life full of happiest and contentment comes with a great price, but if you have not first resolved to know Jesus Christ who paid that greatest price for you, I pray that this will be your first resolve, your first step toward the resolutions that you make in the year of 2015!  The second resolve is to get to know Him! Resolve to get into His word which is the Bible and find out How much He loves you, what He has to say about you and how He wants  to help your situation.  He is the answer and his word is a light to guide you in the right direction!  He desires more than anything to be a part of your life, regardless of how messed up you may think it is! He is a loving and wonderful Master in our Mess!

Okay, with all of the above said, you may think it strange that I would have Scripture from the Bible and a trash can in the same blog, but I inserted the “pretty little purple trash can” to make a point! That although the trash can is all dressed up and looks like a designer’s special on the outside, it still holds trash! Regardless of how pretty the color, how sleek, or thin, it still holds trash.   Now that we are taking steps into a brand new year, many of us have made resolutions in hopes of changing something in our lives for the better.   We wish we could lose weight, we wish we could get that new promotion, make more money, or we wish we could be a better person etc…Well frankly we can wish all we want, but a resolution is not simply a wish, it is a call to action by faith!  If we truly want change it must be in our hearts to want to do something to affect change!  How many times do we make the same resolution year after year but in a week or two, we have moved on because we feel hopeless that true and permanent change will ever come?

If you are one that makes the same resolutions year after year, obviously you have identified areas in your life that you want to change or need to be changed. You have actually made the first step, which is to be brutally honest with yourself and say “yes I need a change.” In order to stop wishing to change you must on purpose resolve or began action to implement change.  No I do not have a blueprint, or a formula to implement change, I only know that nothing happens if the first step is not made, than the second, third etc.   If you do not make the first step, then you remain in the same place…You cannot get somewhere if you do not move….THIS IS A CALL TO ACTION!

Webster’s online definition of resolution:

1.The act, operation, or process of resolving.  2. The state of being relaxed; relaxation.  3. The state of being resolved, settled, or determined; firmness; steadiness; constancy; determination. 4. That which is resolved or determined; a settled purpose;

I personally love the definition of resolution, because it is a close definition to how I would explain my faith.  Faith is not just a noun, but it is an action verb!  Faith is having a strong belief in something and then acting on that belief.  To make a resolution is a call to action! We must take action by first believing that we can change and then making a firm and determined decision to do things differently toward that change.

Okay, now it is my turn to be brutally honest! I am going to be very transparent.  I have been like these “pretty little trash cans.”  I am constantly doing an examination of my life to see if my motives are pure.  They have not always been pure, and my heart has not always been kind toward others! I sometimes let things fly out of my mouth and when that happens, I am surprised myself.  I have literally said, “Where in the world did that even come from?  I didn’t think that was even in my heart!” I might have dressed myself all “pretty on the outside” but on the inside there was something that I needed to deal with. According to the Scripture in Luke 6:45 (KJV) For out of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaketh.    If we listen to what comes out of our mouths, it is a sure-fire way to see what is in our hearts!  If we are kind and speak words of encouragement and love than our hearts are in good shape, but if our words are always full of bitterness, hurtful and resentment than “trash” needs to be dragged to the curb. It only takes us to hear our own words to know what is in our hearts! Maybe you are kind to others, but you speak badly about yourself!  What is in your heart?  Once you identify the problem it is a matter of making a decision by faith that with the Lord’s help you are going to change. Because I am a Christian, I make resolutions by faith. I then search the word of God and find out what He says about my situation.  I try to make my decisions based on Scripture and by acting on what the Lord has already done for me.

Now, maybe what you have to change in your life would not be classified as “trash”, maybe you just need to make some small adjustments to help you be better, however I would say to you that if what needs to change is constantly hindering you or causing you to not be happy, or causing hurtful, harmful things to happen, then it is time to truly make a determined life choice.  It’s time to resolve or act to implement what it takes to change!  If it is not benefitting you, then resolve to throw it out, resolve to get rid of it, drag it to the curb. I also realize that I am making it sound rather easy, which believe me, I do not mean to make our actions of change sound like a walk in the park!  There is a saying that “nothing in life worth having is free!”  Let me encourage you dear friend, it will cost you something to resolve to change, but always remember that Jesus already paid the full price to help you and I to obtain the changes that we desire!

Blessings to you in 2015!  I would love to hear from you so that we can rejoice together about the changes that have been made in your life!  As I continue to write this year, I am sure that I will be rejoicing and sharing mine with you as well!

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