What is Available to you?

25 Feb

As I write this, I was thinking about the past few weeks and how the Lord has just blessed my family beyond anything that we really asked him to.   I also thought about people who are still waiting for their promise to come and how sometimes when it seems the Lord is passing out to everyone but to them, how that something just sorta rises up in them and mumbles “Wait a minute, Why am I not getting blessed? or When is my season going to come?”  I know because I’ve been there myself.  The one thing I’ve really learned though, is that it is all available to me.  I don’t want to get upset because others are getting theirs and totally miss mine because I’m off pouting somewhere.  No, I’ve learned to rejoice with others, because I know that the same blessings are available to me!

When the prodigal son left the Father’s house to go and “live it up and waste what his daddy gave him” He had to come to a place of realization.  That regardless of what he did or didn’t do the Father’s love was enough and that he could go home to the blessing. His older brother, however,  was upset that the Father would just welcome the prodigal son back home and throw him a party, kill the fatted calf, put a ring on his finger and his give him His best robe…Why? The older brother didn’t realize that all of it had been available to him all along. That he could have lived in a perpetual party, but let envy and bitterness rob him from his blessing.

How sad it will be that many Christians will get to heaven and then find out what was made available to them while they lived upon the earth.   When Jesus bled and died, he said “It is finished!” So everything is available to us, but not all things are entrusted to us right away.  Like the prodigal son had to go through some character building lessons, so do we.  My son would love to have a mustang car, he is only 11.  Do you think I will give him a mustang car now?  NO WAY….Why?  Because he is a child and he is not mature enough to handle a mustang…So many Christians are still childish and they not mature enough to handle all that they want from the Lord.  It gives the Father great pleasure to give his children the kingdom, so He is not withholding from you permnently, but only long enough to for you to build character, that whatever you want from him will not destroy you, but will benefit you.

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