Feeling All Rosy Inside

27 Feb

I wanted to encourage someone today with these rosy benches.  You might be saying to yourself, ” this gal has gone off somewhere.” When I found these benches they looked like they once were red stained.  I shook them and they were pretty wobbly, but I  bought them  for practically nothing and took them home.  I remember asking my husband if he could tighten up the legs to see if they would become sturdier! Well when he had done as I had asked, these benches were as solid as could be and really sturdy and stable.   I then repainted them with a base paint and liked them just with the base color.  However, I just could see something else in them and so I began painting the first rose and then the second until Viola!  Two matching benches that I received some awesome money for at an arts and craft show!

“Okay, Okay, your still wondering what does that have to do with me?  How could that possibly encourage me?” Well, I once was like these old benches, I had been through some things that really made me look and feel pretty wobbly.  You might say I was very unsure of my purpose and wasn’t the least bit stable in my mind, will , emotions, spirit, or even in my body.   Life is a rough game to play sometimes, and  especially if you play it hard!  Eventually the life you’ve led catches up with you.  But one day, when I thought I was no longer useful, or was so ugly that no one could ever want me, The Lord Himself bought me with the highest possible price!  He didn’t just slap a coat of paint on me, but he cleansed me from the inside out and totally remade me. He tightened up every” loose screw.” I was stable again and had new purpose and meaning.   I was in HIS eyes as beautiful as any rose….like these benches He seen something more in me!

He is looking at you right now with those same piercing eyes.  He is remaking you and making something so beautiful out of you.  I just wanted to encourage you to know that He has found such value and purpose for you that he paid the ultimate price to have you.  He loves you so much.  He considers you His finest piece of art!

One Response to “Feeling All Rosy Inside”

  1. 101revelation March 28, 2012 at 3:06 am #

    Loved this! It is so true for we have been bought with a price that nothing can match…


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