Why Sit Here?

1 Mar

Have you ever wanted something to change in your life so badly that you felt almost sick inside.  I’ve been there many times and never really knew what to do to change my situation, except to move!  Move? You ask! How? Where to? When?  We usually run these questions over and over in our mind until we are exhausted in trying to figure out the answers and so we never do anything. We never move, and we remain in our situations day after day, year after year hoping some day that things will change.  How insane is that really? When we refuse to move into change we actually sabotage our own lives.  We become critical and miserable inside and blame our misery on circumstances and other people.  It’s time to grab yourself by the nape of the neck, drag yourself in front of a mirror and answer one or two questions.  Who decides your future? Who says you move or you stay?

God has a beautiful future laid out for us, but it doesn’t just fall on us.  The first two letters in his name are GO! Which tells me that he never expected us to sit around waiting for heaven to come to us, no he taught his disciples that they were to pray “on earth as it is in heaven.”  We must bring the reality of heaven to earth in our own lives.   Jesus died to make everything available for us, so why do we sit around like we have no hope or future.  The number one answer is-because we are afraid of the very change that we desire!

“But, ugh what if I act like Peter and get out of the boat and I sink?”

Ugh, but what if you get out of the boat and like Peter find that the water is solid under your feet?

“But, Peter sank!”

“But Peter got one of the greatest faith lessons that day that he had ever received.  Fear will cause you to fail, but faith and keeping your eyes on Jesus will cause you to win every time!”

Fear will always cause you to look at yourself and your abilities instead of what the Lord wants to do in you. Fear will cause you to be stuck and never moving.  You have to realize that if you’re not moving, you become like a stagnant pool.  A pool becomes stagnant because the water doesn’t move and it doesn’t receive fresh water.  This will cause your life to become desperate.

For most people, desperation is a horrible enemy, but I have found that sometimes when those feelings of desperation come, that they could be a friend.  How can feeling desperate be a good thing? My answer is this:  People who are desperate do desperate things.  These things could either be bad or good, depending on your focus.  My thoughts go back to hearing the story of the four lepers who were dying outside of the city.  Because lepers were outcast, the risk of going into the city usually meant death, but the city itself was dying of a famine.  So the lepers realized how desperate the situation was and that they were dying anyway.   So, one day one of the lepers who obviously was sick and tired of being sick and tired, looked over to the others and said to them, “I’m not sitting here any longer.   If I go into the city I might die, if I go to our enemies camp I might die,  but if I stay here I know for sure that I am going to die, so I’m going for it, who’s with me?”

So the story goes that they all four got up and headed into the enemy’s camp to find that the Lord had gone ahead of them.  As they headed toward camp the Lord made them sound like a huge army and so their enemies fled.  When the lepers arrived at the enemy’s camp they found that there was enough for them and enough for the city if they took it back?  Hello, they are still willing to risk their lives to return to a city that shun them, but by this time, they knew that the Lord was with them and marched forward with confidence!

Sometimes, it takes a courage that you never even knew you had to make a move, but what do you have to lose.  It could be that the very thing you fear will happen, will be ambushed by the Lord and when you go into the enemy’s camp that everything you desired is there!

I encourage you to please, look once again in the mirror, who is stopping you?

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