Encourage Yourself

12 Mar

Have you ever noticed that when good things start happening to you that some of the people who you thought would celebrate with you suddenly disappear.  Well, friend this is the time that you have to learn to encourage yourself.  Yes it is great to have cheerleaders to cheer you on, and I thank God I actually have a few sincere cheerleaders, however, more times than not, the cheerleaders are nowhere to be found or heard.  Then what?  My friend this is when you must learn how to encourage yourself in the Lord.  You must learn how to be your own cheerleader and to throw your own pep rally!

David had to encourage himself in the Lord and dance his own dance, shout his own cheers and rejoice even when others were not to be found.  I have been there many times it seems.   Not that there were not people who I could confide in, but sometimes I had places to walk in my journey that I feel I’ve had to walk by myself.  How else do you learn  the Lord’s voice and know his leading.  I found it is just the nature of people sometimes to jump on board the ship when they can go with you, but the moment you cross over into a place that is unfamiliar to them and even to yourself,  they abandon the ship in a quick hurry!  When this happens, I know that the enemy comes immediately and tries to convince you that you’ve missed GOD.  He tells you that you  should just quit and do what everyone else is doing.  He tells you that you’re too radical and that no one understands you.   This is where you have to make a choice.  You either take a stand,  set your face like a flint, and say to yourself and to the enemy of your soul, though none go with me, I’M GOING! or….You listen to the lie and give up and go back to the familiar and to the crowd.

The Lord never intended for us to stay in the boat.  He intended for us to walk on the water and step out into the deep things of GOD.  I refuse to stay in the boat and go through the motions of “acting like a christian.”  No, I may be out here at times by myself in a place that’s unfamiliar but this is where life is.  This is where I learn who the Lord is and how he wants to direct me and use me.   I may even sink when I get out of the boat, but I’ll get out again and again until I don’t sink and the water is solid under my feet.  There may be those who are laughing at me, just like I am sure the other disciples who stayed in the boat laughed at Silly Peter, but which of them got to stare into the gaze of the Master and have Him to stretch out his hands to them?  Only Peter, I long to see the Lord’s gaze and have him to reach for me and bid me to come!  I’m coming Lord, I’m coming!

One Response to “Encourage Yourself”

  1. illpreparedmom March 16, 2012 at 12:20 pm #

    This is great perspective. We are to rejoice in the Lord and allow Him to be our sufficiency, expectancy, strength and more. When we truly realize this and live this, then we won’t be offended when people aren’t there. They are people and have frailties. That’s why we don’t put our confidence in man, he WILL fail us. But NOT our God!
    Thanks for the post.


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