God Has a Sense of Humor!

22 Jun

Love them so very much!

I believe the number one reason that many Christians do not see God’s word being fulfilled in their lives is discouragement. If the enemy can get you discouraged and cause you to stay there, you will think that God has denied you your promise and give up. Sometimes we have to look for encouragement. Sometimes encouragement comes in ways that you’ve never imagined the Lord would send it. God will send encouragement to you and show you little rays of hope along faith’s journey to help you if you truly believe him. I must also say that sometimes, God expects us like David to encourage ourselves as well, but either way, God wants us to receive his promises and not draw back in our faith.

I remember one morning very distinctively as I had awakened early. I always loved to sit at my kitchen table and look out of the windows or sit on my front porch and pray and worship the Lord. This particular morning I was sitting on my front porch and I was really feeling very discouraged. I remember simply reminding the Lord what I was believing him for and how long I had stood in faith, as if he were not already aware of it. I specifically asked him that morning for two babies, after all he had promised me children and I desired them so very much. After I had prayed that prayer I then began worshipping the Lord and thanking Him for the answer as I went inside the house for a moment to refill my coffee cup. As I was pouring my coffee into my cup, I glanced out of my front bay windows in my kitchen and noticed something very strange. A huge clump of brown leaves has fallen down out of a large hickory tree into the driveway. I thought to myself that it was really early for the leaves to be that brown as it was very early into fall. I proceeded to pour my coffee and I was still looking at the leaves when all of a sudden a cat appeared and was at the clump of leaves. She was wiggling her tail and hopping from side to side and suddenly, it dawned on me. All of the leaves must have been a nest of some kind, so I ran outside to scat the cat away. I looked inside the leaves to see two tiny baby squirrels. They were only about an inch and half long and were the cutest little things. I picked them up and took them to the vet to make for sure that they were not hurt from falling such a high distance. The vet was a sweet little old man and he said something I will always remember.
“Well, It looks like you have you two little babies!” he said as he smiled at me.

Then suddenly, I remembered my prayer to Father God that very morning about wanting him to give me two babies. He knows how to encourage us and to let us know that he hears our prayers. He also knows that when we stand in faith for a long period of time that we can become very discouraged, but do not give up, his answer to you is on the way or perhaps at least a little encouragement to let you know that he hears your hearts cry and has not forgotten you.

That was many years ago. My husband and I were married twenty years before I had two children, the two babies that I’ve asked the Lord for. As I’ve waited upon the Lord it wasn’t always easy and sometimes I became very impatient, but He is so faithful and his word is always true. I hope like I did that you find the Lord has a sense of humor and that just when you are at a point of giving up on your promise, that he will send you encouragement. He may not send you two baby squirrels, but rest assured if you will honestly look, he will send you something to cause you to hold on tighter until the his promise manifest in your life!

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