A Rainy Day In Georgia!

11 Apr

A Rainy Day in Georgia!

Rainy dogwoods

Warning!!!!! Real life is “fixin” to happen in the South Ya’ll! As you continue to read, you will find that this post is much different from anything that I’ve posted before. Sometimes, I just have to shake myself and change things up a bit. Yesterday, at church, we had a guest speaker that challenged me with the truth of some things that I’ve known but neglected to practice.  He, of course encouraged us to believe and trust God for everything that we had need of especially healing, but something else he said struck a chord with me. My Check list below is truly my daily routine give or take a few things that need to be done on certain times or days, however, he quoted something yesterday that I’ve heard many times and even have preached it to others!

“If you want something different, you must do something different! If what you’re doing is not working, than you must try something else!”

Check: The alarm is blaring at 5:00 a.m. for my husband. Check: Thank the Lord for waking us up! Check: It is pouring rain outside and has been raining all night long, think I am just going to lie in bed all snuggled up and warm. Check: My husband hits snooze….Check: Awe, shoot, have to go to the bathroom! Check: Hit the ground running and now I am wide awake. Check: Want to go back to bed but must be a good wife and at least put hubby on some coffee. Check: Husband hits the ground rather slowly and is coughing horribly. Check: Let dog out, with much resistance on her part, as our Ivy Girl hates getting wet. Check: Feed and water our ornery cat Meadow. Check: Carry several cups of strong black coffee into the living room where the weather man is saying “Flood watches, more rain, possibly severe weather!” Check: Husband is not feeling well, still coughing. Check: He tells his boss he is not coming in today! Check: Okay, I am going back to bed after all… Yes!

As previously stated, it is a wonderful rainy Monday morning in Georgia! It’s now about 10:30 a.m. I am sitting at my kitchen table looking out the window where it has been raining all night and most of the morning. I am taking the time to just be grateful and thankful to the Lord. I had a random song in my brain when I woke up “Rockin Robin!” I have to admit I love the “oldies but goodies” as they say! Because the trees are newly budded out with little leaves and beautiful white dogwood blossoms of spring, everything outside my window looks like a gorgeous painting splashed with green paint with strikingly brilliant bright white highlights. I was just praising the Lord that if he could paint such a beautiful scene outside for me to view, there was nothing that he couldn’t or wouldn’t do for me and my family, especially my husband again he wasn’t feeling well! After I sat for a while and just simply worshipped the Lord, I began yawning again.

Although it is quite beautiful, I like many people on a rainy morning, really just wanted to crawl back into my warm bed again, pull the covers up over my head this morning and be lulled back into a deep sleep by the sound of the pounding rain. As stated above, I tried it once already, but as I lie there in my bed attempting to be lulled, I couldn’t shut my “to do list” out of my mind. Much like a flashing neon marquee my list was scrolling through my thoughts with what I needed to accomplish on this wonderful rainy Monday morning and so I pulled the covers back and began my not so glamorous life again!

Check: More coffee. Check: My first load of laundry has been taken out of the washing machine and placed into the clothes dryer. Check: Put dishes away with the exception of a pan that is soaking in the kitchen sink that had food stuck in it from yesterday’s dinner! Check: Hugged boys and said “Good Morning!” Check: Boys fed breakfast! Check: Homeschool is started. Check: I am tired already! Check: Stop watching the rain as it only makes me think of going back to bed! Check: I had a package from mailman that would not fit in our mailbox. Check: Grabbed a flannel shirt to try to cover up the fact that I was wearing my pajama’s as I went out to meet him! Check: Another load of clothes going in! Check: Time to get lunch started for the boys! Check: Take their orders like a waitress, which is my own fault for giving them a choice. Check: Make note to self, stop acting like their waitress, simply make them something and say Viola! Check: Writing my list of checks! Check: Probably boring my readers to tears but really hope that I am not! Check: Don’t blame you if you crawl back into a warm bed and pull the covers over your head! Check: Yay, for me something exciting and different is just now happening. Check: I am just about finished with my blog that is unlike most of my blogs I’ve written! Check: Shook it up a bit!

So forgive me for all of the liberties I have taken to be a real wife and mother with this post! I wanted to shake it up a bit… Let me remind you that I did give you warning that this blog was going to be much different from anything that I’ve posted before! Now, please do not get me wrong, my daily routine may not be full of excitement every day, however because I am a wife and mother, I look at what I do as a ministry to my family, which helps me to find joy! No, it is not all the glamorous life that I hope for as a writer, or as an artist, or even as an inspirational speaker, but I am grateful that this is my first ministry. I have a home, a husband that I’ve been married to for thirty-three years and two of the sweetest boys in the world. I have much to be thankful for! Although sometimes, I may wish that my life read like “Leave it to Beaver!” It doesn’t come close. It reads more like a Clint Eastwood movie, “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly!”

Because I am a writer this is where I find what I would consider my glamorous moments! I thank the Lord that I do have this blog that lets me escape occasionally out of my daily routine! Please note, I am not bashing my life, I love it, nor am I saying that being a wife or a mother is boring in anyway….God knows that every day is filled with new challenges.   I hope that regardless of where you are in life, that something that I might say will reach into your heart and help bring a smile to your face! I especially wanted to reach out to the wives and mothers today. I hope that you relate to what I am trying to convey. Our lives are hardly boring! Sometimes as the caregivers of our families, we need to have something new just for us! I want to cheer you on because what you do is so very powerful, you are ministers to your families and no one can do that job like you can! However, as a wife and a mother I find that I need to be ministered to as well! I hope this truly ministered to you!

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