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Part 6 If Oak Trees Could Talk!

24 Jun

Part 6 If Oak Trees Could Talk

Book Cover for If Oak Trees Could Talk

Welcome back to my Video Blog!  I have been so thrilled with the response that I am receiving as I am attempting to do something new or at least new for me! My hope is to truly Inspire One Dreamer at a time!  I hope that you are that dreamer! This past week was Father’s Day!  Even though my characters are fictional in my books I always model them after people that have impacted my life!

In the main character is Henry William Tyler, I wrote this character based on my Precious Dad!  My Dad was a loving, passionate, larger than life man that I loved with all of my heart!  As I wrote the characters of Henry and Helen, it was my hope and desire to honor my wonderful parents!  So again I thank you for taking the time to “Tune in” or to read along as I continue to read today If Oak Trees Could Talk beginning in Chapter Three entitled Henry’s Homework!

Chapter 3


Henry’s Homework

The morning light came in unusually bright and Henry found himself awakened early and alone. His precious Helen had awakened even earlier and went back to her room before the nurses came to their rooms.  Henry squinted for a moment until his eyes adjusted themselves to the light. As he sat on his bed, he remembered some of what the Oak tree helped him to remember, but he really did not know if he had actually remembered it or if he had only dreamed about it.  Regardless, Henry decided to take action and regain some of his life.  He rang the on-call button frantically and impatiently for a nurse to come to him.

“Well, aren’t you up early and raring to go this find and glorious morning?  What’s your big emergency that you hit that button a dozen times or more?”

At first Henry did not recognize Nurse Wanda, but then he answered her.

“Pencil and paper, I want pencil and paper please.”

“Now why do you want a pencil and paper Mr. Tyler?   Are you fixing to write yourself a letter?”

“Yes, a letter sounds good.”  Henry answered with an urgent plea in his voice.

“Okay, Mr. Tyler, if you want a pencil and paper, then a pencil and paper you’re going to get!”  Nurse Wanda said as she was glad that Henry seemed to want to do something besides sit and stare.

It wasn’t long until Nurse Wanda returned to Henry’s room with his medicine, breakfast tray, and of course, a pencil and paper.

“What’s this for?”  Henry asked.  “You want me to do homework or something?”

“It’s for your letter that you were going to write.  Do you not remember asking me for a pencil and paper so that you could write a letter?”  Nurse Wanda probed.

“Yes, Mrs. Stone, I’ll take them home so that Mom can help me with my homework.”

“Yes Sir, Mr. Tyler, you just let your Momma help you okay?”

As Nurse Wanda left Henry alone once again, he stared at the blank piece of paper.  He thought as he looked upon it, that this is how his life had been, just a blank space that he couldn’t remember.  What kind of homework was he supposed to do? Henry wondered.  Before long, he found himself with pencil in hand.  He put the pencil on the paper and even to his amazement he began drawing a picture of his dearest friend.  As he drew, he drew branches extended wide and a huge trunk to an old tree.  He thought of how his friend towered above the others and so he drew it the entire length of the sheet of notebook paper.  As quick as a bolt of lightning, the memories from the night before came flooding back to him.  Henry began writing what he had remembered. As he penned the events of the night before, more and more thoughts kept coming into his mind. He wrote as fast as his stiff hands and fingers would allow him.  He wanted to capture every memory before they vanished away, possibly for forever.

At first the memories came just as a flash of something that seemed to be real.  However, then another image would come and still yet another one until finally Henry once again had enough of the pieces to realize that he had  real memories of a  whole event.  Every one of them always involved his old friend.   He frantically wrote down what he could see in his mind’s eyes.  He tried to pen down all the emotions as he experienced the events again, so that when Helen and dear Amelia read his letters, they would know why what they were reading was important to Henry.  Henry felt hope for the first time in months.  He felt as though he was reclaiming some resemblance of his life.  He knew that in his memory bank was a treasure chest of precious hidden treasures.  For whatever reason, the old Oak tree was serving as a key to help him open his treasures to share with others.

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My Latest Book “If Oak Trees Could Talk”

6 Jun


This is a little excerpt from my latest book soon to be published entitled “If Oak Trees Could Talk”


“Whether the story was really that long or if it was the southern drawl or perhaps the way Henry turned phrases was questionable, however again it didn’t much matter as it was free entertainment in a small town with not much else to do but shoot the breeze.    Every day, friends, family and even a few occasional strangers would gather around the counter at Henry’s hardware store when he would begin one of his elaborate tales.  They listened in anticipation of being thoroughly entertained, but not before they buried their arms down into a huge barrel full of ice-cold soda pop and bought a greasy brown paper sack of Henry’s famous hot boiled peanuts.  They sipped their colas and ate their peanuts while listening to Henry and watching every lively expression!  When they left the Hardware store they usually walked away from the experience having bought several hardware items that they really didn’t have need of.  However, they also left his store with huge smiles on their faces and their heads shaking in disbelief as the stories got a little wilder with the telling of them!” ~Written by Christine Gilliam Hornback

Take a Moment!

28 May

Take a Moment!

Flag I painted.

In the world that we now live in, it is so important that we take a moment to realize how truly blessed we are in the United States of America.  Regardless of your political or religious views the fact that we live in a country where you have freedom to choose what you believe is such a privilege that was paid for by someone’s blood, sweat and tears!  This week in honor of Memorial Day, I wanted to take a moment and thank all of those soldiers, police officers, firemen, and everyone else who work tirelessly to keep America a safe place to live and raise my family in a free society.  I wrote this poem in remembrance of all your sacrifice. Thank you and May God Bless you and America!

America’s Son

The call went out and was heard by you,

You went immediately to see what you could do.

The cause weighed heavy upon your heart

As you left family, friend and foe to do your part.

Tears from your family and from friends a deep sigh,

So proud of your resolve as you bravely waved good-bye.


Flags flew half-staff because one never returned home.

There is now a grieving wife, child and saddened parents left alone.

A purple heart in a hinged box, a folded flag in a glass case

It seems such tiny tokens for the price the soldier pays.


This day I honor you dear soldier as you lay down, for me, your life,

May I never take for granted your loving sacrifice.

Jesus said that only a friend would lay down his life for another,

I count you my friend indeed America’s son, a servant and my brother!


An Original Love Note!

22 May

An Original Love Note!.

An Original Love Note!

22 May
I love you sentiment.

I love you because you have helped me to realize that I am as uniquely created as an individual ocean wave!




Heartfelt Inspiration!

21 May

Heartfelt Inspiration!.

Heartfelt Inspiration!

21 May

Heartfelt Inspiration!

Hilton Head Island

People may ask me, why do you love to go to the ocean?  I never have just a simple answer.  I usually answer them with another question such as follows: Don’t you just love it when you can see something with your own eyes that inspires you?

The ocean’s great expanse overwhelms me every time I get a chance to go and stand on its wonderful sandy shores.  As I stand there I become awestruck by the ever-changing hues of greens, blues, and grays!  The beauty of the ocean is so breathtaking to me that I can’t help but think about the Lord! Although as a child of God we are to walk by faith and not by our senses, it is my opinion that the Lord created such wonderful things for us to see so that we are without excuse to know that He is! He is the creator of all that is! As I stand there gazing at the wonder of His creation, then I feel that I am even more a Believer in what He has done and will continue do to help me! After all, if He could create all of what my eyes behold, then surely He can create whatever I need Him to create for me!

All of my senses come alive when I stand at the ocean! I feel the gentle breezes as they brush gently across my face, but then more violently as the winds blow my long hair into a tangled mess. As I step down into the oceans warm water barely over my knees I feel the force of the waves as they buffet against me nearly knocking me down with the sheer power of them!  I hear the roaring sounds as the ocean’s waves crash against the shoreline.  I am amazed at the white caps of the waves as they peak from what seems like miles out to sea! My sense of smell is heightened as I breathe in the odor of seaweed, fish and salt. I can almost taste the salt upon my lips.  My mind is charged with creative thoughts and my Spirit is lifted to a new height as I become inspired and moved with emotion! I try to compare the beauty and splendor of what I see with the Great Creator, but in my heart I know that it doesn’t or couldn’t began to compare to His Beauty. I become totally overwhelmed with His presence and feel a tear trickle down my cheek as I just stand in awesome wonder!

I’ve known His power as He has moved swiftly on my behalf to change circumstances to bless me.  However, I stand in pure amazement as I suddenly realize what gentleness He must have toward mankind.  When another wave roars toward me with such force and power, it causes me to have understanding of what restraint that He chooses toward us.  He truly shows us His tenderness and compassion!  He is more powerful than the force of all the waves, but gingerly touches us with His presence!  My heart and soul has been refreshed as I peer out into the great vastness!  I break out into a song of praise as I lift my voice, “How Great thou Art!  How Great thou Art!”

Why sit here until we die?

14 May

Why sit here until we die?.

Why sit here until we die?

14 May

Why Sit Here Until we Die?

Have you ever felt as though you are sitting still in life? You have visions and dreams but do not know how to get from point A to point B without stepping totally out of your comfort zone! Or maybe you have been presented with challenges and because of fear of failure you’ve backed down?  I have been there many times.  However, one day I looked into my mirror at the person I was becoming and honestly I was not at all happy.  I realized that I had settled for a lot less than what I was supposed to have had.  Well with that realization, I saw clearly that in order for me to change, I was going to have to make some difficult decisions, which at the time were always “iffy” for me.  You know how you talk with yourself, “Well if I do this, this could happen” or, “If I don’t do that, than that horrible thing could happen!” But, finally I had to realize that if I just stayed still, then I was going to be miserable and there was no one to blame but ME! I had wonderful dreams and visions of becoming a creative writer or artist, or speaker, but felt as though I were dying a little each day as I stayed seated in my discontent . I finally had a very serious talk with the Lord, and realized that He had been waiting for me to stop trusting myself and really wholeheartedly put my trust in him.  The day came, when I stepped out for the first time, and with each step forward after that came such a freedom and joy!

II Kings 7:3 (KJV) And there were four leprous men at the entering in of the gate: and they said one to another, Why sit we here until we die?

4 If we say, we will enter into the city, then the famine is in the city, and we shall die there: and if we sit still here, we die also. Now therefore come, and let us fall unto the host of the Syrians: if they save us alive, we shall live; and if they kill us, we shall but die.

5 And they rose up in the twilight, to go unto the camp of the Syrians: and when they were come to the uttermost part of the camp of Syria, behold, there was no man there.

6 For the Lord had made the host of the Syrians to hear a noise of chariots, and a noise of horses, even the noise of a great host: and they said one to another, Lo, the king of Israel hath hired against us the kings of the Hittites, and the kings of the Egyptians, to come upon us.

7 Wherefore they arose and fled in the twilight, and left their tents, and their horses, and their asses, even the camp as it was, and fled for their life.

8 And when these lepers came to the uttermost part of the camp, they went into one tent, and did eat and drink, and carried thence silver, and gold, and raiment, and went and hid it; and came again, and entered into another tent, and carried thence also, and went and hid it.

9 Then they said one to another, We do not well: this day is a day of good tidings, and we hold our peace: if we tarry till the morning light, some mischief will come upon us: now therefore come, that we may go and tell the king’s household.


I simply love this story of the “Four Lepers.”  They became so frustrated with their situation that finally one of them spoke up and asked the notorious question, “Why sit we here until we die?”

I had to ask myself that question that day when I glared into my mirror and saw a very unsatisfied, unfulfilled person whose dreams I thought had died because I kept putting them off.  I could have tried to blame circumstance, or people for my lack of stepping forward, but I knew that it was the person looking back at me that made the decisions that put me where I was at.   That was the day that I decided like the leprous men to go forward!   I wasn’t going to look back anymore in regret, but move forward.  You know all through the Bible, I only read where God lead his people forward.  I don’t ever personally remember reading where He told them to back up!  That day I stepped out of my comfort zone and let the Lord stretch me and mold me so that I could be used of him, but also so that I could be satisfied and fulfilled with myself! Have I fallen flat on my bootie after stepping out? Absolutely! However I didn’t stay there!  I picked myself up, shook myself off, and simply took it as a lesson not to repeat that mistake again.  My life now is an exciting adventure of day-to-day challenges that I can honestly say that I look forward to. I have just begun to tap into what the Lord has for me, and I am like a little kid at a candy store! I love my life and all of its new challenges!

I want to encourage you my dear friend, if you know that you’re supposed to be doing something or if you have a gift or talent that you’re not using, step out and trust God to help you.  He has called us to Co-labor with him.  He never intended for us to fly Solo through life.  Let me tell you that one of your first and greatest challenges in stepping out of your comfort zone will be to simply trust the Lord that he knows what is best for you! I cheer you my friend, take the first step and begin your new exciting, fulfilling life’s adventure!  You will not regret it!


Happy Mother’s Celebration Day!

7 May

Happy Mother’s Celebration Day!.

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