Life’s Roller Coaster Rides!

24 Apr

Life’s ups and downs!

Roller Coaster Rides!

Sometimes do you ask if the roller coaster ride will ever stop? Maybe you’re like me where you’ve gone through so much in the past few years that you find yourself almost begging, please make it stop! I was hesitant at first to share this particular blog, as I am just going to be real and transparent with my emotions. However, my hope is that it will help someone to know that the Lord is with us, through the good and the bad times!
I am not one who lives in the past, however, I do know that what the Lord has done for us in the past, He will do again when we need him NOW! Below is a blog that I actually had written two years ago in April! I was going through some of my blogs and come across this one and decided to share it again as it is a story of victory and triumph regardless of all the horrible things that happened! I have found that God is the same in the best of times and through the worst of times! My hope again is that you will always find encouragement, whether you’ve made it to the other side of a trial or especially if you are presently going through an on slot of trails and trouble!

Blog from April 2012 Life’s Roller Coaster Ride!
I’ve honestly had one of those months, to where one minute, My stomach is up in my throat and I am swallowing hard to keep everything down, and the next minute I am screaming with my hands raised and full of cheers! So I have had to learn how to deal with all of the ups and downs, to keep it on an even keel so to speak. I personally know nothing else to do but to keep my eyes on the One who is gazing at me. When I turn my eyes upward and look full into the glorious face of the One who loves me regardless if I am having a good day or bad, I know that I can truly do all things.
This month started out so blessed for me, had great opportunities with my latest book to do several book signings which were good, and then BAM! Here the enemy came parading in like he owned the place. The enemy (Satan) dressed in an innocent looking outfit that landed my baby son down on all fours and knocked my whole family for a loop. My son was “accidentally knocked down” and suffered a broken leg. He is now sporting a dark blue cast from his foot to his thigh! Stomach up in my throat! As a Momma, nothing hurts you quiet so much as seeing your child be hurt, whether on purpose or by accident, you want to swoop down like some kind of wild, mad bird and pluck out the very eyes of the enemy! So, okay, we got my son all cast up and endured the first couple of nights of his pain until finally things modified a bit. He is adjusting to crutches, a little wheelchair the whole works.
He broke his leg on a Sunday, by Tuesday we’re breathing pretty easy working out all of the strange kinks that come with having a child broken. I began banging away on the computer to try to catch up on some writing, when BAM ! Here came my oldest son running into my room, screaming hysterically saying” Mom I cut my hand really bad!” Huge lump in my throat, need to breathe but just go into first aid Mom mode! I drag my son to the sink as his hand is bleeding profusely and I plunge his hand under the faucet to rinse off the blood so as to see if I honestly could see how bad it was cut. The blood kept coming and by this time he is nervously shaking all over and I am trying to console him, but at the same time asking the Lord, what in the world was I going to do as I have one son in a full leg cast and another bleeding! Do I call an ambulance or try to drag him myself to the hospital for stitches, when the most profound thing come flying out of my son’s mouth! “Lord, help me please!”
Suddenly like someone had slapped me back into reality, because truly the Lord is the most real thing I know, I got into agreement with my son. I just remember saying Lord your word says and took off on his words to me! Immediately, my Lord performed a miracle! My son’s hand or actually it turned out to be his finger immediately stopped bleeding and his finger had a thin scab instantly cover the cut! Yes I know that this sounds incredible, but I am telling the truth. He went from blood dripping down his arm and off his elbow, to scab on the finger instantly! Yay! We came down the roller coaster track with our arms raised high and screaming cheers to the One who knows how to take good care of us, especially in our times of desperation! As a mother, I felt desperate to get my child help and to remain calm which obviously at first I was failing miserably at doing, but then Thank GOD! Some of the training that we’ve been training our child with kicked in for him and Voila! GOD truly is an on time GOD that heard a cry from his little child!
Okay, so after all of that was over, we are clipping along pretty good beginning to really enjoy the ride as we are going into the next week! It was a beautiful Monday morning, the sun was shining and I had just talked with a friend on the telephone and tried to encourage them as they were going through some things that only GOD could help them with. I had no more hung up the phone, and rose up from my kitchen table when I heard something horrible. All of a sudden something happened that still makes me quake to think about. A huge tree, probably about 30 feet came crashing down on the roof of our side porch, on our RV and on my truck which was parked right in front of our house. I ran quickly to my children as they felt the entire house being shaken and heard the crash of the tree. They of course were terrified and so was I as we did not know if this was the only tree that was going to fall as we live in a jungle of sorts. Trees are everywhere. I never knew whether to get out of the house or to stay in it. I tried to calm us all down, and ran to call my husband and told him what has just happened. He dropped everything at his job and immediately began his trip home. I guess I had just hang up on him so abruptly without telling him that we were okay that the enemy played with his mind on his 9 mile trip that I’m sure seemed a horrific long journey. As he travelled, my husband kept trying to call us but his cell phone would not allow him to call. Before he had gotten home the tree shifted and again the sounds of crashing and a terrifying vibration rattled the whole house! It was a horrible experience that I would not wish upon anyone with the exception that we were all safe!
The tree was perfectly healthy and green, just very tall and we had been having winds for the past few days, so I suppose that just the constant twisting and turning of it was what made it fall, that and the fact that the enemy wanted to use it to try to place a spirit of fear in me and my children. We couldn’t deny the power of the Lord as we seen how the tree was practically laid down to prevent as much damage as possible. We could keep looking at the situation and say if it had not been for the RV it would have fallen directly into the kitchen area, if it had not been for the porch roof, again it would have destroyed the rest of the house etc. But what we knew for sure, was that if it had not been for the hand and the protection of GOD it could have been a disaster that I personally do not want to think about.
So the point of this whole blog this week, is to simply say this: Bad things happen to good people all of the time. It is how we let them affect us and how we respond to them that will count. “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,” is a quote that definitely applies here. I know that what the enemy meant for evil, my GOD, my Daddy has turned for my good! I will set my face like a flint and know that regardless of the ride that I am on in life, that My Daddy is ultimately the conductor! He knows all of the twist and turns, all the thrills and times that my stomach is going to catch in my throat, but through it all, He is with me and so I raise my arms and let out a cheer and praise Him with my whole heart! GOD is always a good GOD!

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