Take a Moment!

28 May

Take a Moment!

Flag I painted.

In the world that we now live in, it is so important that we take a moment to realize how truly blessed we are in the United States of America.  Regardless of your political or religious views the fact that we live in a country where you have freedom to choose what you believe is such a privilege that was paid for by someone’s blood, sweat and tears!  This week in honor of Memorial Day, I wanted to take a moment and thank all of those soldiers, police officers, firemen, and everyone else who work tirelessly to keep America a safe place to live and raise my family in a free society.  I wrote this poem in remembrance of all your sacrifice. Thank you and May God Bless you and America!

America’s Son

The call went out and was heard by you,

You went immediately to see what you could do.

The cause weighed heavy upon your heart

As you left family, friend and foe to do your part.

Tears from your family and from friends a deep sigh,

So proud of your resolve as you bravely waved good-bye.


Flags flew half-staff because one never returned home.

There is now a grieving wife, child and saddened parents left alone.

A purple heart in a hinged box, a folded flag in a glass case

It seems such tiny tokens for the price the soldier pays.


This day I honor you dear soldier as you lay down, for me, your life,

May I never take for granted your loving sacrifice.

Jesus said that only a friend would lay down his life for another,

I count you my friend indeed America’s son, a servant and my brother!


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