Paying Traditions Forward!

9 Jul

Paying Traditions Forward!

Blackberry Cobbler

Blackberry Cobbler

In the fast paced society that we now live in, I as a parent want to leave something to my children and to their children’s children that money cannot buy!  My husband and I want our children to know that we believe that the Lord provides us with all things, but that it is up to us what we do with the provision! In my family, I am really trying to keep some past traditions alive!  Both of my parents were from large families and so was I as there were eight of us which included both my parents and six daughters.  We grew up on farms in Lewis County, Kentucky.  I treasure the memories of growing up as a little country girl, but also the traditions that were passed down to me.

Proverbs 13: 22 A good man leaveth an inheritance to his children’s children: and the wealth of the sinner is laid up for the just

Because we lived on a farm, we raised huge gardens and other crops that helped to sustain us throughout the year or years. Of course we raised our own meats as well.  A cellar was a valuable thing for families to have as it was an ideal place for root crops especially. My mother knew how to preserve foods by canning or freezing them.  She taught us by observation how to cook, run a household, and how to preserve foods as well.  I regret that when both my parents were alive that I didn’t pay closer attention.  I sure wished that I would have known to jot down little shortcuts that my mother made up on her own to help her feed not only her own family of eight, but usually hired hands who helped work our farm as well.  My Mom would sling some of the best food on the table without a recipe and do it so quickly, but it tasted as though she spent hours on it!  I’ve learned so much from her, as I am a decent country cook, and thank the Lord I am trying to preserve many of the traditions that I have kept in my memory by watching Mom and my grandmother! Also my Dad prepared the grounds for the crops, raised animals for sale as well as for our own use.  He also hunted and would take us fishing which we loved to do. He taught us how to use common sense to be self-sustained.

I remember as a child that we always had some kind of berries at our house. One of our favorites was Blackberries. As a family we loaded up on the back of an old Ford pick-up truck with baskets, buckets and pails to go pick berries! We picked on our own property, but a lot of folks that we knew also had berries that never used them, so we would pick berries on different farms all day long.  My Mom would then make jams, jellies, cobblers, and yes even Blackberry dumplings which were my favorite.  She would also put a lot of them in the freezer as we would pick huge containers full of them!

Recently, at the edge of one of our own fields in Georgia, we have had several Blackberry bushes to begin to produce.  My boys, ages fourteen and ten had discovered them several years ago, however this year was the first year that we have had enough to actually preserve some by making Blackberry jelly and freezing some of them to make cobblers or homemade ice cream! The first day they picked them I made a Blackberry cobbler just to reward them and let them know how precious their find was. I also told them about their Granny, which was my Mom making these when I was a child.   I love baking  the cobblers because it really makes me feel like I am connecting with my parents and especially my Mom.  I also get to pass down a treasured tradition to my own children.  As we ate the warm gooey cobbler with a big dollop of whipped topping, I found myself smiling as it brings back such sweet memories of my family gathered around each other enjoying my Mom’s sweet creation!

As my children are getting older, my hope is that I am instilling traditions from past generations.  Although my children may not have gotten a chance to meet their ancestors I want them to appreciate the valuable gifts that were passed down from generation to generation. My hope is that they will continue to pay it forward to future generations!

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