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Part 13 If Oak Trees Could Talk

12 Aug

Part 13 If Oak Trees Could Talk

Welcome back to Part 13  If Oak Trees Could Talk! Once again it is my pleasure to bring my story to you each week! I am excited as I do these blogs each week as I am working on another Inspirational Romance Novel along with a sequel to a Juvenile fiction entitled Caleb’s Cereal.   I would love to complete at least one of them in time for Christmas! In the meantime let’s read or listen to Chapter 7 A Father’s Love!

Chapter 7

A Father’s Love

Once Henry was alone he looked at the journals that Amelia had left him. He then stared at the old Oak tree hanging before him and with pencil in hand began once again to fill pages with memories. This time the memories of his Dad came to life.

Henry’s father, Russell William Tyler was a very hard worker. His philosophy was if you’re going to do a job, do it right or don’t bother. He sometimes come off very rough and short tempered and so Henry felt like he wasn’t pleasing unto his father. However, there was an event between Henry and his Dad that changed Henry’s life forever.

Both Henry and his Dad were driving to Crawford County one afternoon to pick up some automobile parts for Henry’s Dad’s car, when a deer came barreling out of the woods and stood right in front of the car.   Henry’s Dad was driving and before he could steer the car in any direction, the deer lunged right into the windshield. Henry wasn’t hurt; however Mr. Tyler was knocked completely out and was bleeding profusely. Henry tried to wake his Dad with no response. He then realized that he had to get help, so he was able to scoot his father over enough for him to get into the driver’s seat. Henry drove his Daddy’s car for about two miles to the nearest house to summons help. Henry was only nine years old at the time and acted very mature and responsibly. Mr. Tyler suffered a concussion and had several stitches in his face but was fine because of Henry’s quick response. Henry remembered the gentle way that his Dad patted his hand as he was being loaded into an ambulance. He smiled at Henry in a way that Henry had never seen or never noticed before. Henry had the assurance that he needed from that afternoon that he was well pleasing unto his Dad.

While Henry penned the memories of his Dad, he found himself once again exhilarated. He stared intently at the picture of the old Oak tree hanging before him and a floodgate of memories came back to him.  

“It’s out of here!” Henry yelled, as he recalled hitting a baseball completely over the fence when he was only seven. He was on the Tigers pee wee team where he had a baseball glove that seemed entirely too large and a cap to match.   He remembered the proud look upon his Dad’s face when he looked up in the stands.

“It wasn’t at all what I thought it was! My Dad was always pleased with me wasn’t he old friend?”

As Henry sat alone in his room it was as if he heard his old friend saying “Yes, Henry, your Dad was always pleased with you!”

As one event after the other played in Henry’s mind, the memories of Henry’s Dad smiling at him flooded Henry’s heart. It was as if Henry could feel those gentle pats of assurance from his Dad once again as in the evening of the deer accident. Henry gently smiled as he penned every emotion and tears stained the journal’s pages.

As his fingers stiffened to the demand that Henry placed upon them, he felt almost as desperate as he felt that night that his Dad hit the deer. He felt that the freedom he was trying to achieve challenged him to do things that were scary but necessary, as in the time he drove his Daddy’s car in the night to get help for his Dad. In Henry’s thoughts he was even more desperate to get help for himself and his dear Helen. As another page was completed and the tears seemed fewer, Henry tenderly closed the journal. He then found himself giggling as joy of discovering that his Father loved and was pleased with him seemed to free him even more. He could feel guilt and condemnation of the past loose it’s hold and roll away. Henry took a deep breath, while winking at his old friend. Placing the journal back inside the bedside table, once again, he closed his eyes in sweet sleep.


Thank you for reading or “tuning in” today. I have so enjoyed sharing If Oak Trees Could Talk!   As you can tell I have quite the imagination so it is not difficult to imagine myself sitting across the table from you my readers as if we’ve been friends for a long time!

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I also wanted to personally thank a great friend Greg Hetherington who allows me to be a weekly contributor to http://www.lakeviewtimes.com an Online Newspaper that he started and uses to reach out to his community and to Authors, bloggers, etc !  Check it out if you get a chance!

Until next time, thank you again for “Tuning in!”

Part 11 If Oak Trees Could Talk

30 Jul

Part 11 If Oak Trees Could Talk.

Advice I Would Give My Younger Self

30 Jul

Advice I Would Give My Younger Self.

Part 9 If Oak Trees Could Talk!

16 Jul

Part 9 If Oak Trees Could Talk!.

Part 6 If Oak Trees Could Talk!

24 Jun

Part 6 If Oak Trees Could Talk!.

Part 6 If Oak Trees Could Talk!

24 Jun

Part 6 If Oak Trees Could Talk

Book Cover for If Oak Trees Could Talk

Welcome back to my Video Blog!  I have been so thrilled with the response that I am receiving as I am attempting to do something new or at least new for me! My hope is to truly Inspire One Dreamer at a time!  I hope that you are that dreamer! This past week was Father’s Day!  Even though my characters are fictional in my books I always model them after people that have impacted my life!

In the main character is Henry William Tyler, I wrote this character based on my Precious Dad!  My Dad was a loving, passionate, larger than life man that I loved with all of my heart!  As I wrote the characters of Henry and Helen, it was my hope and desire to honor my wonderful parents!  So again I thank you for taking the time to “Tune in” or to read along as I continue to read today If Oak Trees Could Talk beginning in Chapter Three entitled Henry’s Homework!

Chapter 3


Henry’s Homework

The morning light came in unusually bright and Henry found himself awakened early and alone. His precious Helen had awakened even earlier and went back to her room before the nurses came to their rooms.  Henry squinted for a moment until his eyes adjusted themselves to the light. As he sat on his bed, he remembered some of what the Oak tree helped him to remember, but he really did not know if he had actually remembered it or if he had only dreamed about it.  Regardless, Henry decided to take action and regain some of his life.  He rang the on-call button frantically and impatiently for a nurse to come to him.

“Well, aren’t you up early and raring to go this find and glorious morning?  What’s your big emergency that you hit that button a dozen times or more?”

At first Henry did not recognize Nurse Wanda, but then he answered her.

“Pencil and paper, I want pencil and paper please.”

“Now why do you want a pencil and paper Mr. Tyler?   Are you fixing to write yourself a letter?”

“Yes, a letter sounds good.”  Henry answered with an urgent plea in his voice.

“Okay, Mr. Tyler, if you want a pencil and paper, then a pencil and paper you’re going to get!”  Nurse Wanda said as she was glad that Henry seemed to want to do something besides sit and stare.

It wasn’t long until Nurse Wanda returned to Henry’s room with his medicine, breakfast tray, and of course, a pencil and paper.

“What’s this for?”  Henry asked.  “You want me to do homework or something?”

“It’s for your letter that you were going to write.  Do you not remember asking me for a pencil and paper so that you could write a letter?”  Nurse Wanda probed.

“Yes, Mrs. Stone, I’ll take them home so that Mom can help me with my homework.”

“Yes Sir, Mr. Tyler, you just let your Momma help you okay?”

As Nurse Wanda left Henry alone once again, he stared at the blank piece of paper.  He thought as he looked upon it, that this is how his life had been, just a blank space that he couldn’t remember.  What kind of homework was he supposed to do? Henry wondered.  Before long, he found himself with pencil in hand.  He put the pencil on the paper and even to his amazement he began drawing a picture of his dearest friend.  As he drew, he drew branches extended wide and a huge trunk to an old tree.  He thought of how his friend towered above the others and so he drew it the entire length of the sheet of notebook paper.  As quick as a bolt of lightning, the memories from the night before came flooding back to him.  Henry began writing what he had remembered. As he penned the events of the night before, more and more thoughts kept coming into his mind. He wrote as fast as his stiff hands and fingers would allow him.  He wanted to capture every memory before they vanished away, possibly for forever.

At first the memories came just as a flash of something that seemed to be real.  However, then another image would come and still yet another one until finally Henry once again had enough of the pieces to realize that he had  real memories of a  whole event.  Every one of them always involved his old friend.   He frantically wrote down what he could see in his mind’s eyes.  He tried to pen down all the emotions as he experienced the events again, so that when Helen and dear Amelia read his letters, they would know why what they were reading was important to Henry.  Henry felt hope for the first time in months.  He felt as though he was reclaiming some resemblance of his life.  He knew that in his memory bank was a treasure chest of precious hidden treasures.  For whatever reason, the old Oak tree was serving as a key to help him open his treasures to share with others.

Thank you once again for either Listening or Reading along with my Video Blogs on Youtube! I hope that you will subscribe to my Video channel so as not to miss any! 



15 Jan



15 Jan


Well the New Year is off and moving right along and so am I.    It is amazing that next week it will have already been a month since we celebrated Christmas, which only tells me that it’s time to get focused so that this can be a banner year!

It is amazing to me how many times I’ve made the same missteps over and over again because I never had my focus on the right things. I would set goals, but run out of steam to accomplish them.  I would then take lots of time trying to figure out why I couldn’t achieve the goal.    The first thing that must happen in trying to set any new goal is to make for sure that we are focused on the right things and for the right reasons!

We’ve been learning about a renewed mind in our church services.  It has really come at a good time as the teachings have really helped me to see why I have reached goals in the past.

Proverbs 23:7 (KJV)As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he

To accomplish anything we must see ourselves as a victor not a victim!  God has purpose us to do great things upon the earth!  He has purpose behind everything that is in His word, so if we apply it to our lives we will see the results that the word promises.  In order to achieve our goals we must change our behavior of the past. We can’t be winners if we keep seeing ourselves as losers!  We must have a renewed mind to know what hindered us in the past and how to press in to achieve them now.  I believe the scripture below is a great starting point to begin to see change in our lives and to see our goals being reached.

Romans 12:1 (KJV) I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service.

2 And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.

My number one goal for 2015 is to get rid of “stinking thinking!” I must put the word of  God before my eyes and get His image of who I am in Him  on the inside of me.  If I operate from a renewed mindset, then I can see myself achieving all that He has called me to do!  This is not a conceited or boastful stance, but instead it is a humbling position.  I place all of my hopes, dreams, goals in His hands and totally rely on Him to co-labor with me to achieve each and every goal!  This is exciting to me because He has never set us up to fail!

I would love to hear about how the Lord has helped you to  accomplish your goals this year!  Please feel free to contact me so that we can rejoice together!

I contribute to the Lakeview Times Weekly Online News Magazine!

15 Oct

I love blogging and sharing my thoughts with others!  I appreciate that I can share them with more people as I contribute to the Lakeview Times Online News Magazine.  Every blog I write through wordpress also  is published in Lakeview Times!  Below is such an example of a couple of blogs! I am so grateful for the opportunity!


http://www.lakeviewtimes.com/U/2.htm#Cleaning out the Old to make room for New!

A Little Kindness Goes a Long Way!

27 Aug

A Little Kindness Goes a Long Way!

1 John 3:17 (KJV) But whoso hath this world’s good, and seeth his brother have need, and shutteth up his bowels of compassion from him, how dwelleth the love of God in him?

Recently I was privileged to watch a video that showed a gentleman simply helping people in his neighborhood.  I loved the video because the gentleman wasn’t rich but yet he would give some money to a little girl and her mother who begged on the street every day.  He gave food to his elderly neighbor and to a little dog that came to visit him every day.  He used common sense as water was pouring from a spout onto the street every day, but he would place trees under the spout so that they could be watered and the water would not go to waste. He would also help a little lady who had a heavy food cart, push her cart over this one hump every day. He would also give his seat to a woman who stood on the bus each day!  In the meantime, there was an old man who watched him and would just shake his head in a disapproving manner.

What is so wonderful about this video is that eventually because of just one man’s help people’s lives were being changed.  The trees and other plants he placed under the spout grew beautifully and bloomed! One day as he went to give money again to the mother and her little girl, who begged on the street, the little girl wasn’t there.   As he looked at the mother, he was afraid that something bad had happened to her, but just when he didn’t expect it, the little girl walks toward him completely dressed in a school uniform and smiling!  The old woman that he gave food to invites him in to share it with here and gives him a huge hug.  The dog follows him around everywhere, and the lady who owns the food cart begins feeding people who cannot afford it.  The look on the old disapproving gentleman’s face was priceless as he realized that one person can make such a difference!

In the video of course the gentleman gets to see the fruit of all that he gave into, and unfortunately we may not always see the fruit of sewing into some bodies life, especially on this side of heaven, but we will see it!  I wanted to share what happened in the video because it was so inspiring!  I know there is a movement called “Pay it forward!”  However, this concept is not new as the Lord as always asked up to “pay it forward!” It is such an awesome opportunity, however, to give.   Do you know if you did just one kind thing a day for someone, you would do 365 kind things a year!  Think about it!  It doesn’t always require giving money or some grand gesture! It could be as simple as smiling at someone who thinks that they are all alone in the world!  Do you know what that smile everyday could do to help them know that they are worthy of a smile every day?  It may seem like a small thing, but it could make such a difference in someone’s life!

I am not trying to boast or to brag but I am going to share a true story about something that happened to my son and I every week.  This happened several years ago when I used to do the books for my church.   Every Monday morning I would go to the bank to do the church’s deposit!  Next door to the bank was a huge parking lot for some businesses but it had a concrete lamp-post toward the street.  There was a little lady who sat on the base of the concrete lamp-post every Monday when I went to the bank and she would have a sign up asking for help.  I knew by her appearance that her little face wasn’t developed correctly and she wore extra thick glasses.  It would be the middle of summer and she wore a huge overcoat and had a small little gym bag of sorts placed safely beside her.  I knew that I couldn’t do much, but every Monday I began giving her at least enough money for lunch.  Eventually, we learned her named and befriended her.  I had even driven her a few places when she needed me to. Every Monday, before we ever got to the bank to make the deposit, my son began asking me if I had money for this little lady!  This went on for many Mondays, until one day we drove to the bank and there was a little memorial set up at the lamp-post for her.  We were heartbroken as she had passed away.  The only comfort that I had, was  that my son learned such a valuable lesson in giving to those that were less fortunate than we were.  He was four at the time and couldn’t wait to give her the money we gave her each week!

I don’t know necessarily how that little bit of money each week really changed her life, but I know it changed mine and my son’s life.   I was so grateful to have done something for her when I saw that little memorial set up for her!  I wished that I could have done more, but I gave her what I had!  I didn’t do this for a reward.  However you can’t give to others that you yourself will not be blessed because of it!  I hope that this will inspire you to do something! This is all the Lord requires of us!  Do what we can do to help others and let Him do the rest!

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