Faithfulness Will Bring a Due Season!

24 Jul

Boys Tomato vines

Today, I wanted to encourage those of you that have been faithful in the small things, but still have not seen a lot of fruit.

Galatians 6:9 (KJV) And let us not be weary in well-doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.

I have learned to really question my reasons or motives for doing the things that I do. You know how it is, sometimes you start out doing things because they seemed right to do but before you knew it, they became a heavy burden that you simply dreaded to think about! Believe me dear friend; I’ve been there more times than I even want to admit. However, I ask that you also believe me when I say to you that all of that helps us. Experience is a wonderful teacher! I believe that we have to go through those experiences in order to really find out what does produce contentment and purpose, fruit if you will, in our lives!
I believe that once you find out a right way of doing things and you consistency do them because it is right, that you are well on your way to discovering what God has put into you to do on the earth. Yes that sounds pretty deep, but you are on earth for a purpose. First of all you were created to worship the True and Living God. If you have not discovered that, then no matter what you do whether its big or small, or it seems successful or not, will not really satisfy you. He has put into everyone gifts and talents to be used upon the earth to touch others. When you find out what your gifts and talents are and do them, this is when your greatest fruit will come. You will also discover contentment and great pleasure in doing what you were created to do! No man is an island unto himself. Although to be honest, I’ve thought about trying to find a deserted Island somewhere at times and just hide there for a good long while! Especially in the times when I couldn’t see any fruit even though I knew I was doing the right things! But Yay, I’ve gotten to enjoy some due seasons! Why? Because I did not let weariness cheat me out of reaping the fruit of what I had sown into others!
Yes, I do things sometimes that I may not necessarily want to do, but I do them because they are the right thing to do every time. I also do not do them simply because I think it will produce something in my own life, however God’s word is true, what you reap you will sow. You can’t give out good things that good things will not come back to you! It’s God’s way of blessing you! Who am I to argue with it, if I bless others, then blessing will come back to me!
I heard the definition of Integrity as “doing the right thing even when no one else is looking!” This is what I consider to be Faithfulness. Doing things for others when no one even knows what you are doing or why, but you know! When I live in this manner, just being faithful for instance to the Golden Rule-“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” It gives me peace and contentment. When I lay my head down on my pillow at night I lie down in peace because I know that I’ve done what is right in the sight of God! Notice I said God, not man!
I have found that the Lord’s word which is the Bible, is true every time! His promises are Yes and Amen every time. Now there may be times when I do not know how to apply it to certain situations and I become weary in things that I am attempting to do, however, when I seek His wisdom, He will always help me. To apply the word of God takes consistency! The word of God is not something I just “TRY.” I have to make a decision and have a made up mind that I will believe the word of the Lord over my situation. I have to know that God’s word will work for me regardless of the circumstances…this is Faith! Faithfulness is applying that word and continuing to believe it regardless of what comes against me! It may take time to see my Due Season, but I will have a Due Season that I can reap! One thing I have found is that God and His word are the ultimate definition of Faithfulness. He cannot and will not fail me!
Be Encouraged my friends, I hope that this comes at a time when if you felt like fainting that you will realize that harvest time could be right around the corner. Don’t faint and grow weary and miss out! Instead, go and find your sickle and get ready to reap the good that you’ve sown!

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