The Peace of God is my Compass

15 Aug

My Compass

The Peace of God is my Compass!
Philippians 4:7 (KJV) And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.

I just love it when my life seems to be moving in the direction that I have hoped that it would. For many years I have been doing things, such as being a wife, a mother, homemaker, homeschooling my children, painting, teaching students how to paint, writing, publishing books, involving myself in ministry, blah blah and the list does go on and on. I felt with all my heart the Lord had spoken in my spirit to do all these things, however many times it seemed I couldn’t see the fruit of any of it right away! What did I do then? Well like most people, I would question the Lord to see if I missed Him, and when I was sure I didn’t I continued doing what I felt in my heart I should be doing. “Just keep on keepin on baby, just keep on keepin on!”
Eventually I began seeing some fruit! I give God all the glory for everything as I can or could do nothing without Him. I list some of the fruit not to be boastful or to act as though I have arrived. No, I simply want to acknowledge that with the Lords help, my husband and I have built a life of 33 years. My children are growing up to be fine young men who love the Lord! What else could I ask for? I am hardly a famous artist but I love to paint and as a result have sold several paintings. I am not a famous author yet, but I have four books published with many more on the way. These small accomplishments I count as fruit! I have been in Women’s Ministry for many years and I have seen many of the women’s lives transformed by the power of GOD. I have not seen all the fruit that I’ve sowed my life into to produce, but I am still moving in a perfect destined direction laid out for me by Father GOD. I am convinced I am just getting started and that I will get to see all of it! The Lord tells us that if we leave things behind to follow him and his plan for our lives that we will see great reward not only in Heaven but in this life on earth!
Right now, I am sort of racing in different directions because I’ve been so busy, but the main thing I have to guard against is just doing things, without having a clear direction or goal as to why I am doing them. Face it we all can busy ourselves, but that doesn’t mean that we are doing what we should be doing in the Lord to get us where we need to be. All too often, we are busy because we have not mastered the art of saying “NO!” Although the Lord opens many doors, we have to know that the enemy will shove us through some doors as well if we do not master the art of saying “No”! It is difficult to say, “I cannot do that or No, I do not believe I am to be involved with that!” I’ve always been one that if I took on something or said “Yes”, I would beat it absolutely to death before I gave up on it! The proverbial beat the dead horse syndrome…I had it and honestly may still have traces of it in my system, so I have to be very tuned in to the Lord to make for sure I am hearing him and following his direction.
Peace is always my compass! If I feel like I am being driven instead of lead I will not have peace. If I find myself feeling anxious, being short-tempered and very impatient not only with myself but with others, then I must stop what I am doing and run back into the Lord’s presence and wait until I get clear direction. When I am in the center of the Lord’s will I will always have peace. However, that is not to say that I may not feel a little overwhelmed with what I have to do. I can do nothing without Him so when He co-labors with me to accomplish what He desires for me to accomplish, I can do it! I have been in such a place of peace that even though I had much labor to put in, it never seemed like work or labor at all! It was just perfect peace and joy to do those things! The Scripture tells us to labor to enter into His rest! Our labor is not to do everything by the sweat of our brawl, but instead to get into our prayer closets often, alone with him and be still enough, long enough to hear his still small voice direct us. Stay in the closet until you have a clear direction and peace like a rudder to steer your boat in the direction that he is blowing you in! Let God’s peace that surpasses all understanding be your compass! Bless you, may the GOD of all peace be with you and co-labor with you to receive all of his great promises!

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