Part 21 If Oak Trees Could Talk

22 Oct

Part 21 If Oak Trees Could Talk

It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve posted a video of If Oak Trees Could Talk, so for those of you who have been faithful to follow my video blogs, I am grateful that you’re hanging in there with me.

My family and I had a wonderful vacation to Panama City, Florida and had lots of fun in the sun. The trip was a celebration of sorts as my husband’s and my 35th wedding Anniversary is in this month!

I am back home in Georgia and I once again am so glad that you are spending this time with me as I read the rest of Chapter 11 The Escapees and go right in to Chapter 12 There Is No Place Like Home!

Chapter 11

The Escapees


“Are you coming back to us Henry?” Helen shouted up.

Henry just continued to chuckle.

“Well Momma, how do you propose we get him down from there?” Amelia asked while trying not to look up at such a view.

“He’ll come down when he’s ready, dear! Don’t worry, he’s not ready yet!”

“Well thank God it’s not cold outside!” Amelia whispered. As both she and Helen began to chuckle to themselves.

“Okay Amelia, go inside the house and get me a blanket and dig in the pantry closet for that old picnic basket. I bet your Daddy is starved as it was probably early today when he left Glenview. I am sure he missed his wonderful bland meal that he was getting on a regular basis. Do me a favor and have Robert run and get us some hamburgers and fries from Speedy’s Grill and Shake. They’re your Daddy’s favorite. Make that onion rings as Henry loves him some onion rings. Also there is a radio in our room on the dresser, get it too. You might have to check if the batteries are good. If the batteries are dead, look in the drawer beside the refrigerator, there should be some good batteries in there.”

“Momma, are you serious? You seriously want Robert to go get food so that you can have a picnic out here under this old Oak tree with Daddy’s bare bottom shining brighter than the moon itself! What if he is more ill than we think? Momma, what if this little excursion of his has made him worse than before!” Amelia drilled.

“So what if it did, Amelia, what if it did?” Helen calmly said as she looked up with her tender smile and her eyes full of nothing but love for her husband.


Chapter 12

No Place like Home

Although Amelia did not always agree with her mother she knew that no one knew her Father like her mother did. So she immediately left her parents to tell Robert what her mother had ordered. Robert obeyed and backed the car out of the driveway and sped off to Speedy’s Grill and Shake.

Amelia then began to fulfill her orders that her Mom gave her as well. She walked up the side yard and stood in front of the huge Victorian house that was built by her great grandparents in the 1800’s. Since that time, her grandparents and now her parents lived in what was once her home. The home was beautifully designed with ornamental columns and cornice boards that had intricate scroll work that framed the home. It was always such a wonderful, safe and happy place. Memories flooded Amelia’s mind as she stood in front of the old house with its deep family history and its gorgeous exterior.   She sighed deeply as she felt the house was as lonely as she was for her parents to return home. Amelia felt homesick. She stepped onto the long winding porch that stretched the entire length of the front of the house and proceeded to wrap around to the side where there was a beautiful set of French doors. In that brief moment of hesitancy before opening the door to her parent’s house, Amelia remembered all of the grand parties that her mother and father threw every year in the summer. The French doors at the side of the house opened onto a beautiful patio and garden area where her parents practically lived. Gorgeous beds of roses and Camellias lined the ornamental rod iron fences and white wooden trellises were laden down with gorgeous green vines.  

Henry and Helen loved to entertain in the garden area. It was the perfect place. Henry, again being a Southerner took pride in himself at being a great Southern Chef. He knew how to smother ribs in some of his own famous Barbeque sauce that he made and sold in his Hardware store. Yes, her parents were quite the entertainers!   There were many times that Amelia would cuddle up in the hanging swing on the porch and fall sound asleep to the sounds of crickets, tree frogs, soft music and adults laughing and talking. Amelia smiled at such pleasant memories, but was saddened by the thoughts that she may never get to live any of them again.


As always, thank you so much for taking the time to “tune in” or read along today! I hope that you continue coming each week until you read or hear the entire romantic story!

If you are interested in obtaining your own copy of If Oak Trees Could Talk or any of my other books, please visit my Amazon Author Page here! Also If you are new to my Video Blogs and would like to catch up on the story from the beginning please check out the archives in this blog or simply subscribe to my Youtube Videos as they are numbered and in order! I am also a weekly contributor to The Lakeview Times.   All of my videos are published each week at

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