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Dancing and Prancing Leaves!

4 Nov

Dancing and Prancing Leaves!

Autumn Walk

Hello Friends, I know that this week I am changing it up a bit from my usual Video Blog If Oak Trees Could Talk.   The reason is simply because I  live in a virtual golden and russet forest this time of year and I love it! I’ve included a video of this rainy autumn morning in Georgia and I hope a little inspiration for you today!

It is a rainy Monday morning in Georgia as I am writing this! I simply love my times out on my front porch, in my wooded jungle of sorts, sipping my morning coffee and simply listening and watching as I spend time in His presence!

Autumn leaves are swirling around in the current of the wind until they slowly make their way to the ground! However, I’ve noticed one leaf this morning that seems to be rebellious, out into a current of its own, golden in color, swirling and dancing in the wind! It seemed that it too would hit the ground as it came swirling downward. Then suddenly it would catch another current and soar up into the air again! I couldn’t take my eyes off of that leaf until finally after what seemed like the longest while of it dancing and prancing through the air, it finally swirled down and around and around until it lay down so ever gently on the only bear place on the ground!

I thought how weird that leaf was but then I felt as though the Lord was speaking to me in what I had just witnessed. He has made us as unique as this beautiful swirling leaf. He has called us to come out from among the crowd and do something uniquely designed for us to do, that we alone have been created to do! What I thought was rebellion, was simply obedience, one seemingly out on its own dancing and catching the wind of His breath and Spirit as He directed the current! It was a precious moment for me this morning as I seem to struggle sometimes with the fact that I’m out here feeling very alone sometimes with my hopes and dreams. It’s not like I do not have supporters and those that cheer me or encourage me, but what the Lord puts in your heart of hearts sometimes seems allusive at times and the self-doubt as to whether you’re chasing a pipe dream kicks in!

Ah…… I breathe in a peaceful sigh as the Lord always sends the little assurances like only He can to encourage me! This morning was a great pick me up as I am soaring high under the power of His breath!

Thank you for spending this time with me! Be encouraged that you’re always under the watchful eye of the One who created you! Blessings to you my dear friends! As always I would love to hear from you! If you have recently began reading along or have found my video blogs and would want to hear more please Subscribe to my Youtube Video Blogs!

Part 21 If Oak Trees Could Talk

22 Oct

Part 21 If Oak Trees Could Talk

It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve posted a video of If Oak Trees Could Talk, so for those of you who have been faithful to follow my video blogs, I am grateful that you’re hanging in there with me.

My family and I had a wonderful vacation to Panama City, Florida and had lots of fun in the sun. The trip was a celebration of sorts as my husband’s and my 35th wedding Anniversary is in this month!

I am back home in Georgia and I once again am so glad that you are spending this time with me as I read the rest of Chapter 11 The Escapees and go right in to Chapter 12 There Is No Place Like Home!

Chapter 11

The Escapees


“Are you coming back to us Henry?” Helen shouted up.

Henry just continued to chuckle.

“Well Momma, how do you propose we get him down from there?” Amelia asked while trying not to look up at such a view.

“He’ll come down when he’s ready, dear! Don’t worry, he’s not ready yet!”

“Well thank God it’s not cold outside!” Amelia whispered. As both she and Helen began to chuckle to themselves.

“Okay Amelia, go inside the house and get me a blanket and dig in the pantry closet for that old picnic basket. I bet your Daddy is starved as it was probably early today when he left Glenview. I am sure he missed his wonderful bland meal that he was getting on a regular basis. Do me a favor and have Robert run and get us some hamburgers and fries from Speedy’s Grill and Shake. They’re your Daddy’s favorite. Make that onion rings as Henry loves him some onion rings. Also there is a radio in our room on the dresser, get it too. You might have to check if the batteries are good. If the batteries are dead, look in the drawer beside the refrigerator, there should be some good batteries in there.”

“Momma, are you serious? You seriously want Robert to go get food so that you can have a picnic out here under this old Oak tree with Daddy’s bare bottom shining brighter than the moon itself! What if he is more ill than we think? Momma, what if this little excursion of his has made him worse than before!” Amelia drilled.

“So what if it did, Amelia, what if it did?” Helen calmly said as she looked up with her tender smile and her eyes full of nothing but love for her husband.


Chapter 12

No Place like Home

Although Amelia did not always agree with her mother she knew that no one knew her Father like her mother did. So she immediately left her parents to tell Robert what her mother had ordered. Robert obeyed and backed the car out of the driveway and sped off to Speedy’s Grill and Shake.

Amelia then began to fulfill her orders that her Mom gave her as well. She walked up the side yard and stood in front of the huge Victorian house that was built by her great grandparents in the 1800’s. Since that time, her grandparents and now her parents lived in what was once her home. The home was beautifully designed with ornamental columns and cornice boards that had intricate scroll work that framed the home. It was always such a wonderful, safe and happy place. Memories flooded Amelia’s mind as she stood in front of the old house with its deep family history and its gorgeous exterior.   She sighed deeply as she felt the house was as lonely as she was for her parents to return home. Amelia felt homesick. She stepped onto the long winding porch that stretched the entire length of the front of the house and proceeded to wrap around to the side where there was a beautiful set of French doors. In that brief moment of hesitancy before opening the door to her parent’s house, Amelia remembered all of the grand parties that her mother and father threw every year in the summer. The French doors at the side of the house opened onto a beautiful patio and garden area where her parents practically lived. Gorgeous beds of roses and Camellias lined the ornamental rod iron fences and white wooden trellises were laden down with gorgeous green vines.  

Henry and Helen loved to entertain in the garden area. It was the perfect place. Henry, again being a Southerner took pride in himself at being a great Southern Chef. He knew how to smother ribs in some of his own famous Barbeque sauce that he made and sold in his Hardware store. Yes, her parents were quite the entertainers!   There were many times that Amelia would cuddle up in the hanging swing on the porch and fall sound asleep to the sounds of crickets, tree frogs, soft music and adults laughing and talking. Amelia smiled at such pleasant memories, but was saddened by the thoughts that she may never get to live any of them again.


As always, thank you so much for taking the time to “tune in” or read along today! I hope that you continue coming each week until you read or hear the entire romantic story!

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Part 20 If Oak Trees Could Talk

7 Oct

Part 20 If Oak Trees Could Talk

Hello from Georgia! Just as I welcome the Sunshine on this beautiful sunny fall day, let me extend a hearty welcome to ya’ll as well!   Don’t you just love the change of the seasons? There is something about the changing of the seasons that excites me to know that changes are occurring in our lives as well! Frankly that is why I began doing the Video Blogs of my latest Romance/Suspense novel If Oak Trees Could Talk because I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and experience something new! I am so grateful I’ve ventured out to do these Videos as I have loved the interaction and response I’ve gotten!

Please pull you up a comfy chair, pour you a sip of tea or coffee and join me today as we continue reading in Chapter 10 The Escapees and on into Chapter 11 The Return!

Chapter 10

The Escapees!

Nurse Wanda watched Mr. Hodges’ eyes narrow and his angered expressions come upon his face as he told her the story of Mr. Tyler. Because she knew Mr. Tyler so well, the story of why he escaped became clear. Mrs. Tyler knew if anyone told Mr. Tyler that she was getting out of Glenview before he was allowed to go home that he would not stand for it.

“Mrs. Tyler told us that this would happen!” Nurse Wanda stated

“What would happen, that two old mental cases would run off into the night and put all of our jobs at risk!” Mr. Hodges barked.

“Well Sir, I know you won’t understand this and probably won’t even try to understand it, but Mr. and Mrs. Tyler are unlike any couple that I’ve ever met. I seriously think that if you cut one of them that the other would bleed. They are that close and that much in love. This is where you went wrong Sir, because Mrs. Tyler asked all the nurses not to say anything to Mr. Tyler about her early release, because she knew that he would not be left behind at Glenview without his Helen. That’s the reason he came to Glenview to begin with because Mrs. Tyler left him when she had her stroke!”

“Well that is ridiculous and crazy! Is it any wonder that Mr. Tyler is mental? Yes this just leads me to think that Mr. Tyler is crazier than I thought. So medications will be justified! Thank you Nurse Wanda, you have enlightened me more than you can imagine!” Mr. Hodges said with those same narrow eyes and that evil smirk!

“Oh Lord, what have I done?” Nurse Wanda whispered as she realized that she just made things worse instead of better. She went quickly behind the nurse’s station and began looking for Ms. Amelia’s phone number. She knew that she probably would not be at her home but she felt so desperate to let Amelia know that Mr. Hodges was not going to help her parents. Instead he was going to keep Mr. Tyler medicated to where what memory he had gained would be lost forever! As she dialed the number, the telephone rang and rang, but no answer….

Chapter 11

The Return


“Hello my Little Darlings how are you?” Helen said rather calmly when she got into the car. She was always thrilled to see her grandchildren.

“We’re fine Gramma. Did Gramps escape from the Home?” Dylan asked, as he was the one most like Henry. He found humor in so much of life as Henry had.

“Yes Dear, I’m afraid he has, but no worries, I am sure he has made it home by now!” Gramma answered.

            “Way to go Gramps!” Dylan cheered and so did his brother Robbie.

            “Well at least he knows his way home, right?” Robbie asked rather concerned.

            “Of course he does, children, don’t fret, I am sure he is just fine!” Gramma reassured. She seriously was at total peace as she somehow knew that this was the way things were going to work themselves out. Amelia on the other hand was typical Amelia, who was trying to keep herself from having a panic attack.

“Can’t you go any faster, Honey?” Amelia pleaded.

“It’s okay Amelia, your Father’s okay. I know him. He is just going back to find what he has lost.” Helen stated rather calmly.

“Mom, you sound so sure that he’s okay, what if….”

“Now, now Amelia, we do not want to alarm the boys now do we?” Helen interrupted as Amelia’s voice was becoming more excited.

“Okay, we should be home any second. I just pray that you’re right!” Amelia stated still not convinced of her Daddy’s safety.

As Robert turned onto Eastman Street, the boys shouted, “Do you see him? Do you see him?” They hollered again.

Robert pulled the car up into Henry’s and Helen’s driveway. The boys bolted out of the car first, they proceeded to run toward the house, but Amelia helped her mother out of the car who proceeded toward the Oak tree! When they drew close, the swing that hung from the Oak tree for years was gently swinging. It could not have been the wind because in the South, in the middle of July, a stiff wind is hard to come by. A gentle breeze was blowing, however, Amelia and Helen was sure that it would take more than a gentle breeze to move the swing this hard.

“Henry, Are you here?” Helen called. “Henry, do you hear me?” Helen called again.

Just as she was going to get upset, suddenly she and Amelia heard a loud thrashing sound up above them.

“Oh my Lord,” Amelia shouted!

“Hush Daughter, he has climbed that fool tree a million times! Just don’t panic. Just act as though you’re not the least bit afraid!” Helen stated rather calmly.

Henry chuckled like he was nine years old again as he was seated on a huge limb that he sat on when he was younger. Maybe he had not climbed up that tree and sat on that limb a million times, but it was truly so many times that he knew every little crevice and every protrusion to grab onto so as to get up there fast and be seated safely. He was a site to behold as he dangled his long naked legs over the side of that limb. He had his back toward Helen and Amelia and all they saw was Henry’s backside shining brighter than most moonlights! Obviously he was in quite a hurry to leave Glenview because he didn’t take time to find clothes or maybe he didn’t remember that he even had clothes.   Did he care that he was streaking like a teenager at a football game, heck no! Henry honestly could have cared less even when he was completely sane, but now all shame was completely gone.   Helen wasn’t at all surprised with what she saw. It reminded her of the old Henry.


Thank ya’ll once again for letting me share my Romance/Suspense with you! It is my hope that ya’ll come back each week if you are enjoying If Oak Trees Could Talk!

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Part 18 If Oak Trees Could Talk

23 Sep

Part 18 If Oak Trees Could Talk

Welcome to my Video Blog of my Romance/Suspense Novel, If Oak Trees Could Talk! If you’ve been following along each week or maybe you just now found my blog, let me just say to you personally that I’m truly honored and grateful that you are taking the time to “tune in” or read along with me. I’ve tried to keep the Video’s shortened as I know everyone’s time is valuable!

I hope that you have you a nice cup of coffee or tea in hand and that you have about 5 minutes or so to spend with me today as I continue reading If Oak Trees Could Talk!

Today we are repeating the last couple of paragraphs in Chapter 9 Pursuit of Love, as I felt it necessary to lead into Chapter 10.

Chapter 9

Pursuit of Love!

Robert chuckled and teasingly said, “Amelia, the next time you go to see your mom, please ask her if she has any more advice for her Daughter and favorite Son-and-law? Tell her we will try to follow it to the tee!”

As the couple continued embracing one another, they talked and laughed until several hours had passed. They needed to go and pick up the boys. Both knew in their hearts, however, that from this day forward, although it may not be easy, that they would make every effort to put the other one first and live their lives passionately pursuing love.


Chapter 10

The Escapee!

Like an alarm clock, suddenly the phone rang.

“You get it while I take a shower! It’s probably Coach wondering why we have not picked up the boys yet. Do you mind going and getting them yourself?” Amelia asked as she searched for her bathrobe.

“Hello,” Robert said, as he answered the phone.

Robert listened in silence until it was his turn to speak, “Yes, I understand, we will be there as soon as we can get there. How is Mrs. Tyler doing?” Amelia heard Robert ask as she immediately stepped out of the bathroom.

“What is it, Robert? Is everything okay? What is it?” Amelia drilled as she could read on Robert’s face that something terrible had happened.

“Yes Mam, we will be there as soon as possible, thank you.” Robert concluded as he hung up the phone and reached for Amelia.

“What’s wrong, Oh my God is Momma okay? Is Dad? Tell me!”

“Amelia, Honey, calm down and come here! That was Nurse Wanda at Glenview. As far as she could tell your parents were okay, however there is something that has happened or rather is happening that you have to know.”

“What? Tell me Robert, what is it?”

“Well,” Robert began very slowly and softly, “it is your Dad. It seems he decided to go exploring and Nurse Wanda said that they fear he has left Glenview altogether. They do not know how or when he was able to leave but they have searched all over and have not been able to find him. She said that you need to come to Glenview because of course your Mother is beside herself. She is threatening to go look for him herself if they do not produce him soon! They really have no clue as to how long he has even been gone.”

“Oh my goodness, Mom will do it too! What could Dad be thinking? Bless his heart.   He has been doing so much better! I pray he is all right! We should have seen this coming, but I sure never!” Amelia spoke as she ran around the room gathering up her clothes that were randomly misplaced by their earlier life changing event.

“Are you okay, Amelia? I will drop you off at Glenview and go get the boys. I will meet you back at Glenview once I’ve got the boys and we will go from there.   Are you okay?” Robert drilled because Amelia just stopped and wasn’t moving toward the door or anything. She stood with this confused blank look on her face.

“Amelia!” Robert shouted. “Are you okay?”

Startled as Robert’s abruptness, Amelia stared into her husband’s face.  

“Yes, Yes, I heard you; I was just trying to figure out what my poor little Daddy could be thinking that he was so desperate to leave Momma alone in Glenview. He must be terribly lost Robert, we have to hurry! Yes I am good with being dropped off at Glenview.   Let’s hurry so that Momma will not become so desperate that she would go after him.”

When the automatic doors to Glenview had swung open, immediately Amelia could see her little Mother. She was sitting right in front of the doors in case they opened and Henry walked back in. She had her head down in her hands and her beautiful graying hair was all askew. When Helen looked up to see Amelia, she immediately tried to get up out of her chair.

“It’s okay Momma, I am here and we will find him!” Amelia tried to comfort, but her Mother wanted no part of it.

“Come on let’s get out of this place!” Helen ordered. “I am pretty sure I know where Henry is. Now what are we waiting on? Let’s go!” She continued.

“Now Momma, listen to yourself, you can’t just walk out of here, you’re not ready yet…..” Amelia tried to once again console and convince, but again she was interrupted by Helen.

“Why not, they were going to let me out in a few weeks anyway? Why can’t I walk right on out of here, Henry did! Obviously no one tried to stop him! Why would they dare try to stop me? Now are you going to help me to the door or will I have to do this thing by myself?”

“But Momma…..Please….!”

“Please nothing Amelia…..times a wasting, come on!”

“Well Momma, where are we going?”

“Now where do you think your Daddy would run off to? Think about it!” Helen was certain that she knew where Henry was going if perhaps he had not already made it there.

“Home!” Amelia shouted, “He has gone to see his old friend!”

“Yep, now let’s go!” Helen continued to order impatiently.

“Wait a minute, Mrs. Amelia!” Nurse Wanda shouted as the swinging doors once again flung open. “Mrs. Tyler, you can’t do …….Oh good Lord! They’ve gone and done it for sure, they’ve escaped out of Glenview!”


It is always my great pleasure to spend this time with you! If you’ve missed any of my reading videos, please check out the archives to the right to catch up on all of the Video Blogs of If Oak Trees Could Talk!   Or you could simply subscribe to my Youtube Videos.

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Part 13 If Oak Trees Could Talk

12 Aug

Part 13 If Oak Trees Could Talk

Welcome back to Part 13  If Oak Trees Could Talk! Once again it is my pleasure to bring my story to you each week! I am excited as I do these blogs each week as I am working on another Inspirational Romance Novel along with a sequel to a Juvenile fiction entitled Caleb’s Cereal.   I would love to complete at least one of them in time for Christmas! In the meantime let’s read or listen to Chapter 7 A Father’s Love!

Chapter 7

A Father’s Love

Once Henry was alone he looked at the journals that Amelia had left him. He then stared at the old Oak tree hanging before him and with pencil in hand began once again to fill pages with memories. This time the memories of his Dad came to life.

Henry’s father, Russell William Tyler was a very hard worker. His philosophy was if you’re going to do a job, do it right or don’t bother. He sometimes come off very rough and short tempered and so Henry felt like he wasn’t pleasing unto his father. However, there was an event between Henry and his Dad that changed Henry’s life forever.

Both Henry and his Dad were driving to Crawford County one afternoon to pick up some automobile parts for Henry’s Dad’s car, when a deer came barreling out of the woods and stood right in front of the car.   Henry’s Dad was driving and before he could steer the car in any direction, the deer lunged right into the windshield. Henry wasn’t hurt; however Mr. Tyler was knocked completely out and was bleeding profusely. Henry tried to wake his Dad with no response. He then realized that he had to get help, so he was able to scoot his father over enough for him to get into the driver’s seat. Henry drove his Daddy’s car for about two miles to the nearest house to summons help. Henry was only nine years old at the time and acted very mature and responsibly. Mr. Tyler suffered a concussion and had several stitches in his face but was fine because of Henry’s quick response. Henry remembered the gentle way that his Dad patted his hand as he was being loaded into an ambulance. He smiled at Henry in a way that Henry had never seen or never noticed before. Henry had the assurance that he needed from that afternoon that he was well pleasing unto his Dad.

While Henry penned the memories of his Dad, he found himself once again exhilarated. He stared intently at the picture of the old Oak tree hanging before him and a floodgate of memories came back to him.  

“It’s out of here!” Henry yelled, as he recalled hitting a baseball completely over the fence when he was only seven. He was on the Tigers pee wee team where he had a baseball glove that seemed entirely too large and a cap to match.   He remembered the proud look upon his Dad’s face when he looked up in the stands.

“It wasn’t at all what I thought it was! My Dad was always pleased with me wasn’t he old friend?”

As Henry sat alone in his room it was as if he heard his old friend saying “Yes, Henry, your Dad was always pleased with you!”

As one event after the other played in Henry’s mind, the memories of Henry’s Dad smiling at him flooded Henry’s heart. It was as if Henry could feel those gentle pats of assurance from his Dad once again as in the evening of the deer accident. Henry gently smiled as he penned every emotion and tears stained the journal’s pages.

As his fingers stiffened to the demand that Henry placed upon them, he felt almost as desperate as he felt that night that his Dad hit the deer. He felt that the freedom he was trying to achieve challenged him to do things that were scary but necessary, as in the time he drove his Daddy’s car in the night to get help for his Dad. In Henry’s thoughts he was even more desperate to get help for himself and his dear Helen. As another page was completed and the tears seemed fewer, Henry tenderly closed the journal. He then found himself giggling as joy of discovering that his Father loved and was pleased with him seemed to free him even more. He could feel guilt and condemnation of the past loose it’s hold and roll away. Henry took a deep breath, while winking at his old friend. Placing the journal back inside the bedside table, once again, he closed his eyes in sweet sleep.


Thank you for reading or “tuning in” today. I have so enjoyed sharing If Oak Trees Could Talk!   As you can tell I have quite the imagination so it is not difficult to imagine myself sitting across the table from you my readers as if we’ve been friends for a long time!

If you would like to comment on this blog or Subscribe to my Youtube Videos, I would love to hear from you!

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Until next time, thank you again for “Tuning in!”

Part 10 If Oak Trees Could Talk!

23 Jul

Part 10 If Oak Trees Could Talk!

“Inspiring one Dreamer at a time!”

Welcome back to my Video Blog If Oak Trees Could Talk.  I am so pleased that you chose to join me this week! 

As always, I want you to feel at home, so I hope you have gotten you a tall cold glass of sweet tea or your favorite drink and have gotten yourself all comfy as we continue reading today in Chapter 5 Gleaning Wisdom!


Chapter 5

Gleaning Wisdom

As Amelia and her parents sat outside on the warm terrace, Amelia became silent herself. She again thought of how her parents loved one another. She also thought of how much she loved her own husband, but wondered if what she had with Robert could possibly compare to the kind of love and passion that her parents shared over the years. One thing she did know for sure was that her life wasn’t full of adventure the way that her parent’s lives were. As Amelia continued to think upon her life and compare it to her parent’s she suddenly realized that she must glean from them. As the sun continued to shine on their whitening heads, Amelia felt urgency in her heart that she had to learn how they kept the passion and adventure in their marriage? She needed to know now! Just as she turned to ask her Mom a question, a nurse interrupted her.

“Ms. Amelia, it’s time for your Mother’s therapy now.”

Amelia disappointed, turned to her mother and kissed her.

“I’ll talk with you later okay Momma?”

“Yes dear, we’ll talk later. You had better take your father inside, the sun is becoming very warm and your Daddy’s fair skin will burn.” Helen suggested as she always had her husband’s wellbeing on her mind.

Amelia took her mother’s suggestion and before she barely had gotten Henry back inside, he made a suggestion of his own.

“Let’s go see your mother!” Henry said with a devilish grin.

“We will, Daddy, she should be out of physical therapy pretty soon!”

Amelia pushed her Daddy down the hallway and made several loops down and back as she stalled for time until she thought her mother would be back into her room.

“You know she spent the night with me, don’t you?” Henry said with a smile that told more than Amelia wanted to know.

“Daddy, you and Momma are going to get in trouble!”

“Ah, What can they do to us, kick us out? We only wish to be in such trouble as to receive that kind of punishment.” Henry stated with a defiant little chuckle.

“Daddy, I know you and Momma want to be home. It will happen, Daddy. It really will. I promise you Dad, I’m working on trying to get both of you back home.”

“I know dear, this has been as rough on you as it has been on us!”

“I’m fine Daddy, I’m just happy for our conversation today! I truly believe that you and Momma will be home again soon!”

With those words said, Amelia knocked on her mother’s door. She pushed her Dad inside and the room seemingly lit up as Helen smiled widely and so did Henry.

“You two act like teenagers!” Amelia said with a giggle.

“Nope, not really, your mother didn’t care that much for me when we were teenagers!”

“Now Henry, that’s not true! I just wanted to make for sure of my feelings before I agreed to go steady. My goodness, you kept me scared to death as all you talked about since we were kids was marriage!”

“I had to wear her down, Amelia!” Henry said with a giggle.

“Well, I’m glad she gave in!” Amelia replied as she shook her head and giggled as well.

“Tell me, how do I keep passion in my marriage the way that you two have?” Amelia asked.

“Why honey, that’s easy, we’ve always just put each other first. In doing that, we’ve never wanted for anything outside of what we have together!”

“Surely Mom, it’s not that simple!”

“Yes dear, it’s that simple.  It’s not always easy, but it’s that simple.”

“See your Daddy, wouldn’t even let me be sick first that he didn’t follow me right into this place!”  Helen stated with a chuckle of her own.

A knock on the door interrupted the laughter and the best conversation that the Tyler family had had in a long while.

“Hello Tyler family, I’m sorry to interrupt the party, but Mrs. Tyler has more therapy and Mr. Tyler is due for his meds!”  Nurse Wanda stated as she looked at Amelia.

“Okay, Momma, I love you, I will see you later.  I’m going to keep things simple,” Amelia said as she blew a kiss to her mother.

“Come on Daddy! Let me get you back to your room for your medicines.  I hope that you will have a whole book of memories written down for me the next time I see you.”

Thank you so much for “tuning in” or reading along with me today to If Oak Trees Could Talk! It is my pleasure to spend this time with you each week. Again I would love to hear from you. All of my videos are archived both on my Youtube channel if you would like to Subscribe, or on my Blogs! Feel free to comment on either site. Thanks again, “Tune in” next week!

Heartfelt Inspiration!

21 May

Heartfelt Inspiration!.

Are You Deceived?

30 Apr

Are You Deceived?

1.John 8:36 If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.

Romans 12:2 And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.

Are you deceived?   I know that this is an odd question because if you’re answer is yes, than it would lead me to ask the next question.  If you are deceived, and you know that you are, how can you still be deceived?  Usually if you know that you have been deceived in an area of your life, then once you know it, you are no longer deceived or can be deceived by the same tactics of the deceiver.

What is deception?  According to the reference at  http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/deception below is the definition.

de·cep·tion noun \di-ˈsep-shən\  : the act of making someone believe something that is not true : the act of deceiving someone: an act or statement intended to make people believe something that is not true.

I have been in a Christian conference for an entire weekend that was designed to expose the lies of the enemy and show areas of my life where I have been deceived.   I set in the conference listening to how the enemy lies to me to hinder me or try to stop me in fulfilling my destiny and purpose.  I have had a light bulb moment that what I say and think about myself, is what I will believe the most!

In the Conference we covered lots of lies.  I wanted to just share a few of them to let you see how subtle they are. Also because they are so subtle, we tend to deal with them lightly.  Below are some of the following lies that the enemy lies to us about on a routine basis.  If we do not recognize them as lies, then we will believe them about ourselves.  Because of these lies, we  self-sabotage our purpose.

Lies of the enemy:

Oh, I am a Christian, I can’t be deceived!

You will never be successful!

You will never be used by God!

You’re too ugly, too thin, too fat, too tall, too short!

You will never be able to change!

You are not as good as Sister or Brother So and So!

You will never have the money to do that!

Your heart’s desire is a big waste of time!

It’s God’s will that you stay oppressed and depressed!

It’s God’s will that you remain sick in your body.

Oh when God said he would heal, he only meant spiritually!

Well, this disease runs in the family, I guess it is just destined that I have it to!

BLAH ….BLAH …. BLAH ….. This list can go on and on! However, if it registers with you, then stop for a moment and think about what the enemy has been lying to you about.

The number one thing to judge what you hear in your soul, (mind, will, and emotions) to know if it is a lie, is to know what GOD has said about you.  God is your cheerleader, ALWAYS!  He does not condemn you or make you feel bad about yourself to get you to do what he desires you to do.  He leads you in the truth of his word by leading you in his love and by his love!

1.John 8:36 If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.

Romans 12:2 And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.

If you are constantly feeling like you are being driven or pushed to perform, than you may want to look at who is doing the driving? If you have been deceived and believed lies about your worth that has sabotaged you, then I hope that you will take the word of GOD that is able to make you free! I have found that the Lord always leads me, He never pushes me or drives me to do something.  He gives me the truth of his word and then helps me to make the right choice.

I have heard a lot of truth this past weekend from the word of GOD, and because of it, my mind has been renewed in a lot of areas that the enemy has been able to deceive me.  I don’t care how “ religious” we may think we are, all humans have issues and old mindsets that need to be renewed and changed.  Why?  So that we can walk in freedom and victory! When I walk in a certain area of freedom, then truly I can be used to help others be free in that area!

I bless you! As always, my hope is to encourage you and to let you know that the GOD and creator of the Universe loves you with an everlasting love!

Ms. Suzy HomeMaker

5 Mar

Ms. Suzy HomeMaker.

Ms. Suzy HomeMaker

5 Mar

I am so glad that I turned into Suzy HomeMaker!  Still loving this recipe for Homemade Detergent, read my update at the bottom of the original post!

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